Loving Elaine Turner Bags!

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  1. I was reading my latest issue of Elle and saw some of these bags from her fall line. I have never seen her bags IRL, and just discovered she has a retail store here in Dallas at Preston Center and also sells in Nordstroms and NM. Really pretty bags for the price. I signed up for her newsletter and also got a coupon for 10% off my first online purchase. I am considering a few of these bags, so plan on stopping in her store tomorrow before I attend the NM beauty event to check them out in person.

    Elaine Turner Designs

    Does anyone own any of her bags? Opinions?
  2. LadyFran- thanks for the info. I have never owned one of her designs-but I agree with you- beautiful bags! I'd love to hear more thoughts/opinions as well-
  3. I have a satchel from her Spring 2005 collection. The bag is a nice caramel color, great shape and double handles to carry in hand or on the shoulder. It's very nice but the only thing I didn't like was the zipper teeth were scratchy. Every time I put my hand in the bag, I get scratched so I don't use it very often as a result.

    I saw some of her bags at TJMaxx two weeks ago. They were the bags from Fall 2005 collection. They looked really nice. These particular bags were made in Italy.
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