Loving DHC products.

  1. It's that time of the year where I am doing a major cleaning and got rid of most of my beauty/skin stuff. I used to use DHC products and then switched to Kinerase and Oil of Olay which are great too. But I cleaned out everything and started using their olive oil 4 piece kit and my skin looks fantastic. I could see a difference in one week.
    Has anyone used some of their other things? I was thinking of trying the Q-10 products and some other ones.
    I saw on eBay some of the travel kits which I thought were good to try the new lines. If you use their products what are your favorites????:tup:
  2. I just bought the oil cleanser and they sent me sample of the soap and virgin olive oil.
  3. I love DHC Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Mask!! Its cheap and effective for hydration.
  4. Thanks I will have to check them out
  5. I just started with DHC soap and cleanser and olive oil I got as samples. i love what it does to my skin.