Loving clothes more than bags these days?

  1. I am.
    I just estimated my spend on Chanel $14K, on mostly bags and will now take a complete break for as long as I can, to freshen up my wardrobe instead!
  2. LOL so weird but I have barely been buying clothes recently, I just realized...like I got some new jeans but I have been buying a lot of shoes, bags and accessories...I need new sweaters BAD!!!! It is so cold here!!!!
  3. I think many of us go in cycles. I go from bags to shoes to clothes and back again!
  4. Bags are crazy expensive now. Why?!?!? WHY??@?@?

    Is it like real estate? When are prices gonna drop?
  5. Clothes mostly, but then again, I'm a guy. Therefore, bags aren't too important to me.
  6. Yes, I am happy with my bags and shoes - now I need the clothes to make them look good! I have enough jeans and work clothes - I am almost done on coats - I don't know what I will do next! I've already gone through my hair product phase so I have my staples that work. I'd say jewelry but I hate wearing jewelry. I also never wear makeup (it gives me really bad acne - I'm on tazorac for that, actually).

    I was exerciseing well for a while but have gotten away with that. I should probably really focus on that in the new year.
  7. I actually think the bag should always complement the clothes, not the other way around.
  8. I'm a fan of "you can put on something as simple as a nice pair of jeans and a simple shirt or sweater. Add fab shoes and a fab bag and you will go from cute to WOWZA!"
  9. this is true :yes:
    I just bought a new bag so now i've been trying not to go too crazy at the stores looking for clothes that would look good and compliment my new bag :smile:
  10. I try to. I mean, I know I have too many bags already, so I try to tell myself: no more bags. And that works, since I am not really on the look out for a bag. But if I run in to a bag I "have to have", I would get it of course.

    So I'd say, I still like bags more, but I try to look at clothes instead.
  11. i have wayyyyyyyyyyy too many clothes. in fact this whole school year i haven't repeated a single shirt.. lol (except for layering). we'll see how long i can go
  12. when I buy clothes it's always have partner with bag..

  13. me too...
  14. This is my goal for next 5 months too, but... I don't now if it'll happen. :s
  15. You are in the clothing season girl!! I remember the quote from the first of the Shopaholic series I believe... something like "I use farm cycles, but instead of crops it's makeup, clothes, bags..." etc :nuts: LOVE IT!!except i don't have 'fallow'!hehe!