Lovin' the courier

  1. Hiya Ladies,

    I was in Van Ravenstein (Amsterdam) just over a week ago and fell in love with the courier bag. I was a wee bit scared to bring her home (PHH has now started to roll his eyes whenever he sees a shopping bag) so I got the SA to courier it to me. This bag has the most beautiful leather! *sigh*, now I know what all the courier lovers out there are talking about. Great size and a fabulous hands-free bag!
    Balcalcourier.jpg Balleather.jpg Balcourier.jpg
  2. Nice. Congrats Cal! I've never really liked the courier but it looks great on you!! And the leather looks amazing.
  3. The leather is gorgeous! Congrats! =)
  4. great bag! looks really fantastic on you! i have a flat messenger bag from a few years back and I have to say it's my all time favorite. and i looove Van Ravenstein- it's my favy shop in amsterdam :nuts:
  5. Isn't it great I have one in rouille, my favorite Bbag color!
  6. Wow! You look awesome! Love tha bag!
  7. Congrats! Now I want one even more! It looks great on you:yes:
  8. Another courier fan! I love mine too, the leather is so thick and yummy!
  9. That is the BEST leather!!!!!!!:love: I LOVE the courier so much too!!! :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Thanks ladies. PHH so doesn't give a rats, it's nice to have someone to show her off to.

    BTW - do you like my nice dead orchid in the background? I murder potplants.
  11. HA HA HA! I never even noticed the plant - just adoring your bag!
  12. Congrats on your new bag. The leather is gorgeous and it looks great on you.

    The couriers I have seen generally seem to have thick leather. I wonder if that is needed to stay somewhat structured given the large size.
  13. I thought the Courier would be way too big for some reason. I may have to consider getting one at some point!:heart:
  14. No wonder you are in love with it..... it looks fantastic on you!! i'm a big 'Day' bag fan but am now really loving that Courier! Congratulations!
  15. Welcome to the courier lovers club. I have it in rouge vif and love it. Your looks great on you and the leather loos amazing. Congrats!!