Lovin' the Collier de Chien Bracelets!!!

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  1. A new thread, continued from here.
  2. oh my am i first to christen the new CDC thread??!!! :woot::woot:

    sorry i have been MIA ladies i have been so busy the last few weeks... i know i missed on some major purchases/reveals! congrats to all!!!!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. It's official now that the CDC Queen has arrived!!! :P
  4. I got lucky today! Matte graphite phw, Blue Roi phw, and Fuschi ghw :smile:

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  5. :faint: :drool: Congratulations!! Please take more pics of the blue roi close up if possible. :smile:
  6. We're twins on blue roi with phw and Fuchsia ghw. Major congrats!!:smile:
  7. OMIGAWD!!!! what rock did you come out from under??? what an honor to see you post here! :smooch::hugs:
  8. congrats hun!!! what a total score!!!! THREE GATOR CDCs in one visit is just beyond! ive only gotten 2 at most, so this is nuts!!!! :woot::woot::woot: and i am uber jealous of that fuchsia GHW large scales :P:loveeyes:
  9. Yes! I will tomorrow in the daylight.:smile: This pic totally does not show it's true color!
  10. Thanks dear! :smile:
  11. Thank you!
  12. How I wish I got a Small scale in fuschia.:search::sad:

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  13. What a trio!!!! I saw blue roi in a KDT today. The color was much lighter than your photo....more like mykonos than BdM.

    Still a beauty!!!! Congrats!
  14. Looks like it is raining fuchsia recently. When is it going to be amethyst turn?
  15. Hahaha!!! I like to come out of the shadows every now and then to scare you! :graucho:
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