Lovin' the Collier de Chien Bracelets!!!

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  1. As promised I wanted to start a new thread devoted to these fun and funky bracelets that many of us love! I received my new one today in Rouge H Matte Croc with palladium hw -- and can I just say I'm in :heart: ??!! I adore it..it's fun and edgey and unique but the croc aspect makes it just so chic IMO! I'm sure to some it's a bit much but not me!! And it will be kind of fun to work this into my wardrobe - I wear a lot of simple tees especially in black and white with jeans so think I can fit it in quite easily!

    I wasn't wearing anything special today but:
    7 Jeans
    BR Merino wool hooded sweater
    Prada flats
    CDC Rouge H croc - woo hoo:yahoo: !!!

    Rouge H CDC Bracelet 002.jpg

    Rouge H CDC Bracelet 003.jpg

    Rouge H CDC Bracelet 004.jpg
  2. Rock'n'roll shoes!!
  3. Lovin' it. But I've always a special place in my heart for the CDC hardware.
  4. Beautiful color!
  5. Shoes - that bracelet is awesome!
  6. Oh my gosh, shoes, you look totally fabulous and très, très casual chic!

    I love the CDC bracelets ... they just don't love me back. I tried them on but my smurfet size (height and wrists) just doesn't do the CDC justice! Well, I can dream looking at you fab ladies with CDCs!
  7. that looks ridiculously awesome on you! omg! perfection!
  8. Thanks girls! LaVan I'm not very tall myself but have learned to accept it lol!! I'm not sure why I feel I can do it (maybe it really looks silly on me??!!) but I do lol!! Of course knowing dh likes these helps...I love that it came with 'papers' too!!

    Okay girls let's have other pictures posted please!!!!
  9. ^^The CDC totally works on you! You look fabulous!!!
  10. Here's a couple of pics of my thalassa blue one which came from a pf friend...(hope you don't mind I had your great pic still!)

    My outfit was Thanksgiving I think and:

    BR sweater (again?!)
    Ann Taylor wool capris
    Manolo zebra shoes (can't see but I know they were there lol!)


    cdc bracelet.jpg
  11. That looks so HOT! LOVE IT! OMG, OMG.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Of coures now I REALLY want one like that. The CDC is so great with a casual outfit.
  12. pics of yours winternight please??!!! I think it really can make an outfit...
  13. shoes - great pics! looking hip and edgy! love the cuffs on you!
  14. Shoes, you're such a hottie in that bracelet. What does the DH say? Do? LOL!

    I love the concept of good girl wearing bad girl stuff. I had the Medor watch and I work that vibe with it. One of these days I'm going to pull out the old black leather jacket and wear them together!

    Have to try your bracelet on at the bout. I would love one if it isn't too big for me.
  15. OMG, SHOES!!!! You are just ROCKIN those CDC's!!!! They really ARE pretty fab!!!!!!!
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