Lovin' The Animal Prints : Suggestions Needed

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  1. Hey all! I found this site about 2 days ago and literally have been too busy to post my original question! Sooo much good reading material here...who's watching my kids ?? LOL!!

    Anyhow, as a treat to myself for reaching my weight goal, I decided its high time I bought myself a purse I love, and I am adoring the animal prints out there this spring. I however, prefer a purse to a shirt (erm, I'm just not so skinny as to wear all zebra,:nogood: ) so I want a gorgeous new purse. I am a very basic black girl, so I want my purse to be a literally scene stealer!

    To consider: I'm in Canada, so it will have to be ordered or bought at the Holt, or anywhere in Toronto for more metro shopping.

    Price Range: Let's go with under $1000 please.Its my first dip into the designer waters and I don't want hubby to pass out. Not the first time.

    I LOVE the D&B giraffe line, and have yet to see it on anyone, that's a big thing with me. Forget the logos, all the teens have a fake LV or the like, I swear to god.

    Also saw the Micheal Kors Joplin Giraffe, not sure if I can find it here tho.

    Time to list your animal print loves if you have them! Thanks all!
  2. L.A.M.B. cheetah oxford

  3. Oh see? That's why I ask...I heart Gwen....thats one to find on eBay tho, isn't the line done?
  4. Hm... they wouldn't carry it in Canada? Yes, the Cheetah line is from last year, but they've popped up on eBay everywhere.

    There is also the White leopard that looks sort of similar, but with white trim (actually, to me it looks completely different, but it's still animal!)
  5. i like the D&B zebra...i just ordered it in pink and white instead of black and white. i'll post pics when it arrives.
  6. I also love D&B Zebra print. I have the original pattern (just black and white).
  7. I love animal prints too! I am not usually a D&B fan but the Giraffe and/or Zebra Large Sac really appeal to me.
  8. For those L.A.M.B. bags, I saw a ton of them on sale for about $250 - $300 at Off 5th in Lawrenceville, GA today. They might ship them to you.
  9. furla
    on sale at bluefly.com
  10. I have the D&B giraffe sac and love it; it gets loads of compliments. They make a dozen styles of bag in that leather. The leather is gorgeous, but a bit heavy.

    I saw the MK Joplin giraffe at Nordstrom last week and noticed that the spots were solid, not graduated tone like the D&B. It is lightweight, though, because it is fabric. I have the Joplin in beige/brown zebra from last summer. I also have a B&W nylon MK zebra.

    I also like the D&B colored zebras like MJDaisy is getting, another lightweight alternative to leather.

    I am still kicking myself for passing on a Rafe haircalf zebra at the pre-sale last July. Yes, July. I never saw it again after the pre-sale.

    Yeah, I think I like animal prints. Not so much cheetah/leopard, though.
  11. I just realized why that Furla bag looked so familiar. I have a wider version of that in green that I use as a briefcase. One thing I can say is that the leather wears like iron (don't know about the pony hair).
  12. Haha, I own that bag too, Furla Farrah in olive! :tup:
  13. The Dooney Bourke animal print line is popular however I would caution you to go see it in person before you actually decide on anything they make. I was really impressed when I saw the giraffe and zebra totes and was about to bite the line and buy one and then I saw it at the store and it felt very plasticy and cheap. Its not made out of ponyhair or leather but rather actual plastic. I didn't think it felt very nice and it seemed very stiff.
  14. Luna, did you get your Farrah from Costco? It was a steal, as I recall.

    To claify, D&B makes two lines of animal bags. The giraffe and the B&W zebras are leather. The twisted handle color zebra bags are PVC coated cotton, as the Nordstrom listing attests, and that's why they are much less expensive. Personally, I did not find them horrible at all.