Lovin' my mini lin more and more each day...

  1. I love my mini lin speedy so much! I took her out shopping yesterday and I noticed a lot of looks of admiration and received quite a few compliments throughout the day! :love: I guess most people aren't familiar with the line because some didn't know it was LV until they actually saw the LV's on the bag! LOL!!!

    It really is my favorite line along with Damier ebene. I haven't seen anyone with mini lin, although mono is very popular around here with Damier following closely behind. I just can't wait until they make MORE bags in mini lin!

    I'm crossing my fingers that they make a Lockit Horizontal in either Mini Lin or Damier!!!! :idea:

    What bags would you like to see made in Mini Lin or Damier?
  2. Congrats on your Mini Lin!
    I'd love the Speedy 25 in Mini Lin (and more colors, plz!) ... for Damier the Batignolles Vertical :love:
  3. Yeah i feel the same way about my ML speedy..It's really pretty isn't it? I'm getting a lot of stare everytime i use it may be because its a new line and a lot of people don't know abot it yet. It's a very worry free bag,no vachetta and its in dark color.LOOOOve it!
  4. I want one so baad!
  5. What a beautiful bag that is. I am considering one for next winter - I love that it's dark and worry free. It really is stunning.
  6. i love mine too!!! i think a saleya mm or BH would be pretty in mini lin and a damier LH:love:
  7. In mini lin I would love to see some type of shoulder bag like a Saleya or Batignolles......and more colors!!!!!!!!!!

    I originally passed up the speedy when it launched...and now I kick myself and want it!
  8. Awesome bag, glad you're enjoying it.
    A lockit in the mini lin.. :drool: would be more then nice.

  9. mini lin pochette-new color options too
  10. i love minilin so much..
    no worries cowhide change color to vachetta..

    look chic wiht jeans
  11. I love the mini lin.
  12. OK, here's more from the resident BIG-BAG SAG-HAG...

    How about a Mini Lin Ebene Baggy (in both GM and PM) complete with a no-maintenance strap? :graucho: Or any one of the slouchy/hobo styles, like maybe the Onatah GM?

    I love the Denim Baggy so much but the one thing I don't like about the Denim line is that the straps/handles and trim are all vachetta! :girlsigh:
  13. I love the mini lin speedy, it is really beautiful IRL! Oh well, another bag to add to my growing wishlist!
  14. i love the mini lin too! nice, chic and classy! i actually like it better than the mono speedy hehehe

    enjoy the mini lin! (some more at least ;) )
  15. ^^^ITA!! :yes:

    But the Mini Lin Saleya MM would definitely have to have the new, L-O-N-G-E-R handles LOL!! :roflmfao: