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  1. #1 Mar 16, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
    Has anyone ordered from lovinmybags?

    I am very confused, there seem to be 2 sites the first I went into lovinmybags.co is charging me £17.99 standard delivery

    I then clicked on a link and it's come up with lovinmybags-uk.mybigcommerce.com which has totally different prices, nearly double but no p@p

    My concern is where are they being despatched from. The products come highly recommended but the site is awful for information. Are both sites based in the US and despatched from there? They have some items on Amazon.uk but unfortunately not the ones I am after

    There seems no info on the site and I am concerned about having to pay huge customs charges !

    I have emailed them on a couple of occasions but never seem to get a reply, very frustrating

  2. I know nothing of them, but would personally not spend a lot with a company I am unfamiliar with if they are not answering emails. To me that is a red flag. Even if they are legit, not saying they aren't, if their customer service is that lax I would not reward them for it by buying from them.

  3. Yes they are definitely legit and many people on here use them. There products are very good but expensive and therefore I am concerned import charges could be quite high if they are sending from the US

    It's very frustrating they don't answer emails. This time I got a standard reply saying they will try to get back to me but they are very busy. If I don't hear from them in a couple of days try re emailing!!

  4. I got a Vachetta kit from the UK website, there is a lady here who runs the UK operation. She took ages to dispatch it & didn't keep me informed as to when I would receive it or why there was a delay; but it did arrive in the end. Was dispatched from within the UK and postage was around Special Delivery prices as I recall.

    We pretty much always pay at least pound for dollar when buying products that originate from the US, because they factor in shipping to them, and import duty. It's meant to be more convenient, I guess ...

    I can't say how good the products were, because I sold the bag (an LV) without ever using the kit - I think I'm too lazy for vachetta.
  5. I am in in the US, and have ordered from LMB a few times. The products usually arrive within a week. I adore their products for my glazed Miu Miu bags, but have not tried them on my Mulberries. Barbara the founder was responsive via email, but I am in the same geographic area. Perhaps you could email the US address for product advice?

  6. Thanks for this. I have contacted her and got a very quick response but basically she just directed me to the UK site.

    I still have 't had any replies from to my previous emails. I have also emailed Barbara to let her know as I think the UK site is really letting her down. Its such a shame as the products look brilliant but the prices horrendous compared to the US site. I also have a special promotion code and it only works for the US. :graucho:
  7. Thanks I have emailed Barbara and got a very quick response but basically she only directed me to the UK site

    I have also emailed her to let her know of my experiences with the UK site. I think it's very poor and such a shame as it's really letting her down and she probably doesn't know. The products look great but obviously the service very poor and the prices horrendous compared to the US. I also have a promotion code which doesn't work over here :graucho:
  8. I haven't used LMB products but I have had good luck so far with my collonil waterstop spray and leather gel.
  9. I LOVE LMB products! I have used them on so many of my LV bags. It has even removed ink stains on the vachetta handles. I have repurchased twice. I recently bought a pre loved Noe and the LMB vachetta cleaner just about restored the bottom. After I thoroughly cleaned it I used the vachetta protection treatment. The bag looks amazing now. Nothing but raves from me!

  10. Thanks for your help Nightflowers. Are you in the UK? My problem was with the prices, they are twice as much here on the UK site and Barbara was also offering discounts on the US one :graucho: £75 for 3 small cleaning products was just too much :tdown:

  11. I'm in the US. That really stinks that it's double the price there! I've never used the products to pretreat new bags but I think they are 100% worth it to clean used bags. The cleaner has made my bags look like new. My mother has a LV (Palermo I think) that had a black smudge on the handle and a drop of the cleaner took it right off.
  12. Watch out for the Import VAT, I recently got very stung :sad:

    I ordered a bag liner/shaper thingy for my Neverfull, it was $30 plus shipping (extortionate at $47) so about $77 - Somehow Royal Mail and HMRC managed to charge me £49 .... yes £'s in Import VAT.

    I've put in a claim to HMRC to get the excess back but they tell me today that they are working on claims dated January so God only knows when they will get to mine :nuts: