Lovin My Bags SILK Serum Treatment or New Feel Soft Moisturizer; Non-Dulling.

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  1. Help- which would be better for a dry magenta day?
  2. I use the Silk Serum and looooove it! :heart:
  3. i'd be curious too....
  4. i've never tried the feel soft moisturizer but since the bal kit comes with the silk serum its probably more suitable for bals - although i dont know if its dulling. i do find using LMB took away some shine from my bals.

    however LMB did release the botancial line recently. i asked barbara about the difference between the new line and the products in the previous bal kit, she said the botanical line retains shine better on bals. so perhaps the botainical silk moisturizer would be something to consider.
  5. hi which is the botanical silk mositurizer at lmb?
    is there anything better for bal that are dry?
  6. the website doesn't provide much specifics, but you could always ask through 'contact us'?


    I've never used it myself, am waiting for the Bal beauty and shine kit to arrive to try the other 2 botanical products though. HTH.
  7. Hi ladies,

    I received my LMB Balenciaga kit today and of course went to work immediately (all other work was put aside).

    It's very straightforward and easy. The moisturiser was shockingly amazing in the sense that most things like lotion that moisturise are in some sense greasy, but this moisuriser softened up my troublesome 08 Turquoise like it's nobody's business!!

    I then applied the shine kit and WOW. Absolutely amazing results. I thought about posting but I don't quite think I can convey the difference with my camera. My Maldives City looks almost the same but my 08 Turquoise was a whole new, gleaming bag.

    Therefore, I highly recommend the two together. xxx