Lovin my Bags products

  1. Has anyone tried these products for their Chanel bags?

    I have Chanels in caviar, patent, reissue leather, lambskin and was wondering if this line or leather products would work well.

    I heard good things about their Balenciaga leather conditioning and cleaning kits, since they developed some special formula that treats and helps maintain Balenciaga bags.

    Any feedback would be great :smile:

  2. only have used it to shine up a caviar bag of mine. it worked nicely.

    i bought the kit with all of the products in mini sizes.

    i also like "for handles only" for LV bags.
  3. I bought the set but dont dare to use it cos it has a really strong sweet smell.. :s gives me a headache just whiffing it from the bottle.
  4. i really wouldn't recommend using LMB products other than the "For Handles Only" cream since it's the only product that gets consistent "ok/good" results.

    i actually bought the whole bbag beauty care kit from them after i got my first bbag. i wanted to protect and baby my bag after reading all the great reviews (there were no bad reviews at that time) and i stupidly used it and ruined the leather on my bbag. i really wanted to cry when i realized my soft shiny leather turned into dry dull leather. even after repeated moisturizing with LMB's ultimate mositurizer, the texture of my bbag will never be the same.

    i've never tried the LMB products on any chanel items, but based on my personal experience with my bbag, i wouldn't do it.

    here are some refernece threads on the whole LMB issue:
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  5. Can you guys help me how to take care of my chanel handbags advice?

    I have 6 blacks in lambskin and caviar and one in white. All, with gold hardwares. Help!
  6. i keep my bags stuffed with the original tissue paper and keep them in the bag and box. also keep the chain inside the bag... someone mentioned the hardware ruined the leather.
  7. yes, i have tried using lovin my bags products and they did nothing. my chanel bag is still as sticky as it was. she told me the product would work and when i told her it did not she told me to get back to her as her husband was working on something else that might work. When i wrote back guess what ? no reply. She wanted me to send her my bag but I sure and glad I did not. I am also sorry I purchased a patent Chanel bag .
  8. Hi iqagabda, could you tell me if you found out in these three years any good products to pretreat Chanel bags?? I am looking for a good product to pretreat a light gray lambskin Chanel bag I just purchased.. Any help, ideas, experiences???? Anything would be gladly appreciated!!! TIA!
  9. Thanks for the info abbé dottie, I am looking for something to pretreat my new light gray Chanel in lambskin.. Would you have any advices, ideas experiences???? I would appreciate your help.. TIA for answering!!!
  10. I recently purchased the 12C red orangey lambskin jumbo. I emailed Barbara at Lovin my Bags and she recommended me this kit. I ordered it and started to apply the 1st coat today. Not sure how it works but it is something you may want to try...

  11. I bought the same bag and she recommended the same line to me. Please let us know how it works..thank yoU!
  12. Have Chanel clean them as needed.
  13. Yes please let us know:smile: I am waiting to do mine as well:smile: thank you sooo much!
  14. Thank you nat74, would you please let me know how it goes?? I would really appreciate it!! Mine is still with tags and everything attach and since you did yours, I would like your input on the product first:smile:... Thank you soo much!!
  15. Yes pls do let us know. I had just purchased my first Chanel bag and would like to know how to maintain her. Thanks ;)