Lovin' My Bags For Handles Only--- on Speedy handles?

  1. I think this is going to be moved..:confused1: (couldn't find a spot to post this)... but I wanted to know if anybody has used this on their Speedy handles and what were the results? The instruction card says it can be used on vachetta handles and straps but I'm just wanting to know if any brave owners have tried it out? Thanks everybody!!
  2. id be worried to use anything on my handles. baby wipes work for me. some of the hermes girls wrap a twilly (bandeau) around the handles of their bags to protect them. it looks really cute but you would need 2.
  3. I spoke on the phone to Barbara at Lovinmybags and she said the FHO can be used on all of the vachetta on the LVs, not just handles. I used it, following the directions, and everything look great. It doesn't change the color upon application, and she said it will keep oil and stains off the vachetta (reapply periodically). I haven't used the bags since, but I know her products have a good reputation
  4. Thank you ladies that info is appreciated!! I will be using FHO tonight!! I'll post pics of before and after.
  5. i use fho on my bag handles~ smells lovely and it doesnt make them darker!
  6. What is this stuff?

    ^^ did you take before and after pic's ?
  7. www.lovinmybags.com

    I did use it and don't know where my before and after pics are- but will search for them- this worked FABULOUS!
  8. ^^ awesome, cant wait to see them.
  9. I would like to see pics too! I am scared to use anything!
  10. Any updates from the users - how is it working?
  11. I would love an update on this too - I was thinking of ordering this for my Speedy and Montorguiel vachetta! :heart:
  12. I used For Handles Only on all vachetta parts of my azur Speedy 30 and it looks the same as before. No stains or darkening (from oils) yet!
  13. ^Thank you! I ordered it so I'm excited to use it on my 35. I have had it since February and haven't used it b/c of the vachetta...once I use the FHO, I'm taking that baby out!!!! ;)