Lovin My Bags - Favorite Product(s)

  1. I've heard a lot about Lovin my Bags on TPF, and they were recommended about the possibility of restoring the Blue Baca I just received. Since I'm not sure I want to invest that kind of money, I was thinking about buying a couple of her products. I plan on contacting her for recommendations, but I'd luv to hear from those of you who have used her products.

    Which product(s) have you used? Which bags have you used them on? What were the results? Overall, how satisfied were you w/the product? And finally, did you achieve the result you wanted by using her products?
  2. I would love to know also. I have never used their products
  3. LuvMyBags...I am thinking that you are thinking...LOL...to buy some products and try to clean that Baca yourself??? If so, it's not gonna work. Only a professional could do anything for that bag that far gone. I have LMB cleaner but I only use it on more finished leathers. One that have a little sheen and finish to them. I would not use the cleaner on a rawer leather bag like the Baca. I also have the conditioner That I use to buff out little marks or scuffs. I use these products to spot clean only. If I had a bag that was overall dirty I would send it to her.
  4. I've used the shine restore. I bought a chocolate Ana by Hayden-Harnett. I loved the design and leather but didn't like the matte look of it so I bought the shine restore and used it, along with the pro-treatment. I loved it. It added a wonderful, subtle sheen to the leather and brought out some of the gorgeous, burgandy undertones in the chocolate. I also used the pro-treatment, to propel water and oil, on another bag and I loved the way the leather felt.
  5. I was actually thinking about it - just to see if it's really faded or dirty. I don't know which one it is. It seems to be impossible to be that consistently dirty all over, which is why I think it might just be faded. If it's faded, I don't mind it so much, since as I said before, the bag looks more like a denim color. If it's dirty, I might consider sending it to her for a professional cleaning (not a restoration).

    Even so, I am curious about her products. I have a few Balenciagas, and wonder how well they work on those bags as well.