Lovin My Bags Cleaning ~ Anyone use them on H bags?

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  1. Has anyone sent in their H bags for cleaning or used Lovin My Bags products on their Hermes bags? They have a service to remove the oil/sweat stains from handles and a product to keep bag handles from staining. I have an ostrich birkin that I would like to see without twillies on the handles.


    Any thoughts?
  2. I've never used this service, but I would rather send my bag to Docride...
  3. 2nd. Docride is our best doctor on site.:tup:
  4. me too ! I trust doc

  5. :yes: ITA!
  6. Howdy,That's most likely acetone ....Yikes! Be very careful with your birdy...hugs,doc
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    Oh, I would not want to use something damaging on my bag; I'd just like to keep the handles clean. Thanks everyone for directing me the right way.
  8. i've used and bought lovin my bags products for my balenciaga's, but for H i either send it back to Hermes for spa or use docride's treatment method&recommended products.
  9. I also would send my H bags to the spa or do them myself based on Docride's wonderful recommendations =)
  10. I have used them for getting a messy grease stain out of my Barenia Pictotin. Hermes refused to try anything.

    It did take them awhile because they moved, but the cost reflected that (no charge ). I have had bags sit in Paris for over qa year though too with less than stunning results when returned to me.

    I was very happy with the result. The bag shows no stain whatso ever. Brand new.

    I was thinking of sending them my VN Vespa which also developed some dark markings that I have no idea where they came from...
  11. ^^ Hi QM!!! Missed you.
  12. HI Rose!

    Missed you too..:heart:

    Took a year of from H...;)

    but.....fingers crossed....tee hee for next week:yahoo:
  13. ^^ can't wait to hear more :heart::heart:
  15. Hey GG!

    I've though of you too!

    Do you still have you VN birkin?

    I remember you were worried about the handles....