lovimybags.com products, do you use them?

  1. If so, which ones on what bags (brand and color)???
    How do you like them??
  2. I use them on the bags I have that have really delicate leather that I'm afraid of using spray on. I've used the pro treatment on Botkier Biancas and it's worked wonders. I also love their cleaner. It took months old denim transfer stain off of white leather. So overall, use them and love them:yes:
  3. ^^^ That's good to know because I just purchased them and the bag has been sitting in my kitchen because I have been nervous to try them on my Balenciaga Brief and my Spy bag
  4. I just used the LMB pro treatment on an HH mercer TC satchel in iznik yellow over the weekend...so needless to say, was worried about putting anything on a bright color like that. But it was absolutely fine, a bit of the yellow came off on the sponge but nothing major. So hopefully it is safe from spills and rain now.
  5. Do they ever have coupon codes or free shipping???
  6. OK, so PF works for 10% off still!
    How do we feel about the Pro-treatment and the luxury cleanser?? How far will 2 oz. get me????
  7. ^^^I should have mentioned that a little color usually comes off on the sponge but I have never ever noticed a difference in color in my bag afterwards.

    About how far they will go: it depends on the leather. The leather on Botkier Bianca's is treated so it didn't absorb much of the pro treatment. I used it yesterday on my new RM black MA, which is untreated, and it absorbed A LOT more. But I have treated 8 bags and still have about a third left of the 2 oz.-er. For the cleaner, you will be just fine with 2 oz. It is very liquidy and since it is only used on stains (small areas hopefully), it goes far.

    I bought a set with the luxury cleaner, pro treatment, for handles only, and ultimate moisterizer, but I have gone through the pro-treatment the fastest so now I will just buy more of that.

    Phew! Long one! Hope that helps!
  8. Great! I bought the pro-leather treatment and the cleanser both in 2 oz., do u think I can use the treatment on the handles too? Man, I am FULL of questions!!!
  9. Yeah, my for handles only got kind of chunky, so now I just use pro-treatment on the whole thing, handles and all.
  10. After reading this thread I got the courage to try the pro treatment. I tried it on my Balenciaga Brief first and the leather looked wonderful, actually richer after. next i tried it on my coffer and my spy all with the same results. I used the handle treatment on the handles and there was no colour change. Yes like others have said a small amount comes off on the sponge, but it is not noticeable on the bag at all. If anything the bags look better than before. It will be interesting to see how well they protect. By the way the smell is nice too,
  11. Anybody used these products on any Furla bags? How about HH Lorcas in Saddle?!
  12. Used it on my new botkier- worked like a charm!
  13. I bought the whole kit-- cleaner, pro treatment, shine enhancer, etc. I love it. None of the products changed the color of my bags and I have yet to have one stain. I used it on my Hayden-Harnett bags-- a lorca in saddle, ana in chocolate, primarily.
  14. I have the Pro Treatment, For Handles Only, and Luxury Cleanser. They all worked quite well for me, and the 2 oz size is plenty.