Lovey film footage of Coco Chanels Apartment

  1. The video is being problematic for me!! It goes in and out! Darn!
  2. ahhh, maybe log straight onto and pick it up that way :smile:
  3. I will try that! Thanks!!
  4. That was fabulous to watch. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for sharing!
  6. thanks! great video!
  7. Great video, thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks! Very enjoyable and informative! Even the baby watched! lol.
  9. I enjoyed that so much! Thank you for posting.
  10. Thanks a lot for sharing with us! I enjoy it very much!
  11. Is there a way someone can upload this to youtube? The video is glitchy for me too.
  12. Thanks for sharing, that was lovely to watch!
  13. Thanks for the link. I was able to watch it although it was blury.

    did I see this posted b4? sorry i cannot seem to find the thread.

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    Have you gals seen this? How do u feel? Strangely, I felt a little strange....:s