LOVES IT! My first RM in my greedy little hands

Jan 27, 2008
The 206!
My black basketweave MAB from FunkyLaLa came today! This is my first RM I've seen/touched in real life, and I've gotta say I'm impressed. These past few months I've been on tPF I've been SUPER into Balenciaga. I love all the bright colors, the light leather, and the motorcycle style. But once I saw Lauren Conrad with her Nikki in Wine, I knew I was falling in love with RM too. :love: So I preordered one through Catalina but she isn't supposed to arrive til mid-end of May, when I will be gone in Italy for 7 weeks :crybaby: (I know, nothing to cry about...but I don't get to see my purse til July!!) Then, my boyfriend was so excited that RM's were half the price of Bal, he ordered me a Yellow Nikki! So it is in his posession with him at college, so once again I don't get to see THAT until he comes home. TORTURE I TELL YOU, TORTURE. So when this little baby came to my house today, I was utterly ECSTATIC! She is so much larger than I would have imagined, and I looooove it! Shes super soft, and her leather is sooo much thicker (and dare I say, a little better? Maybe thats the wrong word...more durable perhaps) than my Balenciaga's, but I have to say, also MUCH heavier. BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE, SHE'S AMAZING! (ps have I mentioned how good it makes me feel I can post pictures here? WHO DOES THIS? oh yeah, purse fanatics. I would feel like a lunatic if I hadn't have found tPF--actually come to think of it, I would also have a LOT more money :P I'm so glad you girls are here to support me!) And one more thing (I know I know, I'm rambling I'M SORRY!) the new hardware is GORGEOUS! I can't really compare it to the "old" hw because I've only seen it in pictures, but I loooove it! Its so shiny and BLING and gorgeous! Hope you girls like it as much as I do!!


Sep 5, 2007
Congrats Purple! I have the same bag and i love love love it! Many other ladies have been raving about this one as well! Definately one of the most RM versatile bags around! And your bf is so sweet to get u a yellow nikki! That one is lovely as well! U r so lucky! Pls post pics too when you get ur nikki! :smile:


patiently waiting
Mar 15, 2008
Nashville, TN
OMG purple!!! :yahoo: I'm so happy you got her! Finally, right?! :graucho: She's a beaut! Wear her in good health!

BTW, that is the cutest story about your BF. I giggled! LOL.


I love Nikkis!!
Sep 26, 2006
Congrats!! Welcome to the addiction of RM!! We should start RMA (Rebecca Minkoff Anonymous) seriously..Hi my name is Kimber and I am an RM addict..:smile:


Gettin my Griff On
Jan 4, 2007
I'm glad you like the bag. I have the original black basketweave and I think the RM bags are great. I'm like you in that most of my other bags are Bal. I love that RM is half the price, and these are definitely more durable. That's one problem that I had with Bal is that the bags scuff so easily. I am always parnoid when I carry a bal bag. The only downside compared to Bal is that the RM bags feel so heavy.