Lovers of Slouchy Hermes

  1. Because I just bought a slouchy Blue Brighton bag, and in need of positive reaffirmations :p on my decision, I welcome anyone who's happy with their slouchy Hermes leather to post their comments and experiences here. I know that most ppl likes a more structured although not necessarily rigid leather. So come one ppl, lets give some credits to the slouchy this time!!:woohoo:
  2. why don't you post pics so we can oooh and ahh over it
  3. I like slouchy more. Please share pictures!
  4. I love my Bolide. It's made of Clemance leather. Its a softer leacher so it has a lot of slouch.
  5. Come on, we're waiting for pics! And action pics too! Yeah!
  6. I have a slouchy orange birkin. I used to fight with the straps to keep her looking upright. Over the past month or so I have completely fallen for the slouchy look. I have aquired a 30cm firmer birkin and that is what really made me love my slouchy one. I know it is weird :shrugs:. I just love the casual and the not worried look of my slouchy orange friend.
    I cannot forget to mention that another plus to my saggy friend in the feel of the most buttery leather. I just love the feel of the swift.

    Thanks for starting this thread because I had renewed love for my birkin that I yet to express
  7. I love the slouchy look too :smile:)))))
  8. yesssssssssss for slouchy!
    here i am, another slouchy brighton blue bolide lover! :heart:
    IMHO, the casual ease of the slouchiness, :heart:
    the "no worry" clemenece mou, :heart:
    the richness of the brighton blue color :heart:
    and the shape and shoulder strap of the bolide :heart:
    make for a proud and happy owner! :heart:
  9. I do feel it is nicer for bags like Lindy which is meant to be slouchy anyway. In bags like B & K it gives it a smart casual look!
  10. I hope this works... Here are pics of my slouchy blue brighton!
    BBfrontview.jpg BBsideview.jpg
  11. I love both slouchy and stiff bags... I look my swift birkins for their buttery soft slouchy leathers... I also love my coromandel/mysore birkins for their stiffness/lightweight.... it's great that hermes has both slouchy and stiff birkins!
  12. I have both limp and stiff.....sometimes I'm in the mood for a little something stiff (then out comes the Box or Chevre) and sometimes I'm in the mood for something a little......limp (Clemence!). Love 'em BOTH!!!!
  13. You make everything sound dirty:nuts:
  14. How gorgeous Whitebirkin!
  15. I know.........where's that Japster when I need her...............:p