- 25% Off All Boots

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  1. Happening this month - on our website only!

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    We are now offering 25% off all women's boots on our website. That's right, 25% off our all women's boots, even new styles like Snowblazer by Ed Hardy and styles already on sale! STOCK UP ON THE HOTTEST BOOTS FOR THIS WINTER SEASON!
    What do I have to do?

    For our web sale, click here to begin shopping at LoveMyShoes.Com! At checkout, enter coupon code BOOTS1125 to receive your 25% off discount.
    Save big on designer labels

    Looking for the latest styles by the hottest designers? How about Jessica Simpson, BCBG, Steve Madden, Michael Antonio and more? Brand names at wholesale, just for you!
    How do I tell a friend about this fantastic sale!

    It's easy! Simply forward this email to your friend, but make sure she's a woman. LoveMyShoes.Com caters exclusively to the FEMALE foot!
  2. hello, is this your website??
  3. They have some great boots! Thanks!
  4. No..not mine!! I've bought from them once and just receive their newsletter like the hundreds of others I receive and post. Curious though....why would you ask if it's my website???
  5. This is why. lol. They have great boots. How do you like their quality. Are you happy with the purchases you have made??

  6. LOL!! I see now--sorry, I just copied and pastedtheir ad(so much faster)!! To be honest, I ordered once from them, but the order never came!! After a few weeks of more positive experience. My one 'somewhat bad' experience doesn't mean they aren't a reputable company though--trust me, the same thing has and can happened with the best of companies. I hope that someone else will chime in here to help you out.
  7. I've puchased from lovemyshoes 3 times and had good experiences each time. I've spoken to thier customer service once (to change the shipping address), and they seemed friendly. As for their quality, I can't say much because I didn't buy their store brand bags but the designer shoes that I bought are great!

  8. Lesson #1...never try to do two things at once!! LOL!! I just reread my post and can't figure out what the $#%^ I was saying..:Push::upsidedown: I somehow screwed up....what I meant to say was...After a few weeks of waiting and with no committment from them as to when my shoes would arrived, I decided to cancel my order.