lovely truffle twiggy

  1. ^^ That price seems awfully low, are you sure it is real?

    P.S. No insult intended if the seller is a pfer, my only experience with buying b-bags has been at NM
  2. No it looks real to me
  3. It looks real but you couldn't pay me to deal with that obnoxious, rude prat of a seller! She was briefly a member of PF before she was :banned:
  4. ^^ Thanks for the heads up stylefly, no bag is worth dealing with jerks!
  5. oh sorry, didn't know the seller had an attitude :s in that case...

    good luck, seller:lol:
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. I think there has been a lot of discussion with regard to the authenticity of her bags. She usually leaves out critical authenticity markers and will not provide additional photos.

    I actually did a BIN of one of her bags and paid for it. Out of curiosity I did a search of her on PF. From what I read there were lots of people discussing whether or not her bags are real.

    She states that she gets all of her bbags from a wholesale supplier (LIE) which is why she can sell them so cheap.

    I didn't feel comfortable buying from her, and luckily she refunded my money after I politely asked.

    It may or may not be real, but in my opinion, I don't think saving a couple hundred dollars is worth the risk.
  8. oh, thanks for the info, mpark! i guess i missed that thread about her:Push:

    sorry guys!

    mimz, helen, please handle this thread accordingly-i.e., if you need to nix it, then please do! thanks! :flowers:
  9. Yea the only time I can get a NEW bbag lower than retail is from my friend workomg at Nordstroms. They have one of the best policies where there is no limit of how much an employee can spend with discount a year, that's why she could help me get my stuff on top of her own :yahoo:
  10. It just makes no sense to sell at that low price. Impossible if you ask me. Even with an employee discount (what is that - usually 10%?) which would make it $100.00 off at most.

    I wouldn't waste my time with listing fees, etc. - unless I was making money on it. (of course selling my Personal b bags - is entirely another thing - I usually lose money)

    So figure she's making $100.00 on each one - that would mean the bag cost 649 ??? with tax (if indeed she is buying legitimately - ) anyway . . .

    agree - may as well just order from Barneys or balenciaga - not worth saving a couple of hundred bucks for the always wondering
  11. Yea very fishy about her, although I am in no way trying to support her, just for information my friend is a manager she gets 33% off :P Still I would not buy a bunch and sell on ebay because the wait time to get them money back and having to deal w the hassel on ebay is not worth it at all :yes:
  12. ^^I personally think she does NOT sell authentic bags. She sells the same bags over and over again for the same impossibly low prices. :rolleyes: She "gets them wholesale." :huh: I don't think so.

    Also, a couple of her other bags were said to not be authentic on the Authenticate this Balenciaga thread before.

    That's cool that some of you can get bbag discounts from employee friends though! :wlae:
  13. ^^Ditto~:yes:
  14. I'm pretty sure they're super fakes.

    Especially since she hides photos of the bales.