Lovely Surprise waiting 4 me when I got ....

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  1. back from the Philippines. I was depressed when I first got and all considering I went for 6 weeks -- then have to come back to snow and rain! That all went away when both my chanel and LV SAs called to say I have stuff ready to pick up!

    My chanel earrings finally came in (hopefully this time I don't drop another one down the drain!) and my Azur Speedy 30 came in! While we were there, the BF also picked up a keychain/extender and put his name down for a pair of sunglasses.

    When I got home, I check the date code on my new Speedy (DU1087) -- yay for France as well as brand spankin' new!! 18th week of this year would have had to be less than 2 weeks ago!

    I thought I would never have owned a Speedy...but you tpfers' are so convincing! I'm even starting to like the sag!:graucho:
    azur1-redone.jpg keyextender.jpg chanel earrings.jpg
  2. congrats. i know this is the LV forum but i love the chanels!
  3. COngrats!!!!!!! It's gorgeous :smile: Seems like a bunch of ladies are getting France Azurs lately!
  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Congrats! Love the earings!
  6. Congrats to you!!!

    Great pick for earrings(I have some like them).
  7. wow! congrats Jazzie!! hope you had a good vacation!!! Omg..those Chanel earrings are soo hot! i love 'em!
  8. Thanks to all ladies! Let's just hope I don't drop these down the drain -- again!

    It's so nice to be back on tPF! I missed u guys!
  9. para sakin, yung bag na yan masyado ng "O.A" kasi lahat ng tao yan ung binibili. Pero ok lang, hehe!

  10. :roflmfao: too funny! but right! unang speedy ko naman at hindi Mono!
  11. I used drop my earrings down the drain all the time, now I don't even put them on over the sink.
  12. bakit? ayaw mo ng mono? LOL! magandang summer bag though :smile:
  13. Congrats -- and go ahead and enjoy the sag -- it's what gives speedies their charm!
  14. congrats!!!! i LOVE those earrings!
  15. Awww lovely pieces!Congrats!