Lovely Shopping Day...Saw A Bunch of New Stuff...

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  1. Continuing on from my strange VIP experience yesterday....I saw so much stuff yesterday!!!!!!!!

    Tried on the Stratus GM (AGAIN! GOD I want that bag...and if I hadn't bought Stephen...UGH I want both)!
    I also tried on the Nimbus...because the Grey is coming out in the Fall and I wanted to try it out. I liked the fact that it had one handle....but the shape wasn't structured enough for me...maybe it'll grow on me!!!

    Saw the Neverfull....wasn't my cup of tea. Something about this bag is throwing me off....I think it's the handle tabs...they remind me of the fake bags you see on the street that can't get the shape of the handle tabs right. *Sorry to those who like it*

    Saw the new mini pochette of the Trunks & Bags....again no offense...but it looked really cheap! The Trunks & Bags thing is very very plain ( a light brown) and is just this weird circle in the middle of the pochette. It just doesn't sparkle or stand out at all!

    Saw the LVOE totes (the satin ones)...they're gorgeous....I can't wait to see the newer ones coming out!!!

    OMG those new they are TDF!! Gosh the whole RTW line is just gorgeous in beautiful and romantic!

    IF you're looking for limited stuff...Michigan Ave. has a TON!!!

    Thanks for reading...just wanted to share!
  2. Did u see the new canvas LVOE tote? It is half the price and the letters are in miroir material instead of beads. I have seen a pic and it looked cute... You really did not like the Neverfull totes?
  3. Sounds like you had fun.
  4. Glad you had lots of fun! :wlae:

    Was this photo on this forum, because I am yet to see it... :sad:
  5. Snowy: I did not see the new canvas ones yet...I am dying to see them because I want one!!!

    I don't what it was about the Neverfull....just wasn't doing anything for me...I really just think it is because in my mind it looks like some of the knock off bags I've seen in the past....I think it's the handle tabs/chads...I just hate the shape of them!
  6. Good to hear you had fun!
    I love seeing all the new bags irl:smile:
  7. Twiggers it sounds like you had a great time!
    I want to see the new LVOE totes in person...
  8. Thanks for filling us in!!! I'm glad you had fun! :nuts:
  9. :drool:
    Where's that pic?

    You said in your previous post you bought a couple of small stuff, can't wait to see them. Did you see the damier with the trunks and bags logo?
  10. No...I didn't see Damier...just the regular mono with the Trunks & Bags!

    I did buy a bunch of small things....I'll be posting pictures later this morning.
  11. sounds like fun
  12. Naomi. Get the stratus, I can so see you with it!
  13. ooooh sounds like you had fun, thanks for sharing and can't wait to see what you got :biggrin:
  14. Sounds great. Can't wait to see what you bought:smile:
  15. I should just take a bus to take a look those new stuff RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the info.