Lovely reveal but help needed

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  1. Today I purchased a popular bag from the current Fall I collection, the stunning rectangular mini in black lambskin with shiny RHW!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468989017.060519.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468989037.853661.jpg

    I was over the moon excited with its beauty when I noticed two small chips in the hardware coating on the top left CC:


    This is the first time I've had a quality issue with a new purchase . I will text my SA in the morning to see what my options are... I love the bag so much and am not sure if they have anymore in my local store . Do you think the coating chip will get bigger over time? I really hate to lose out on this bag if I can't find a replacement in perfect condition.
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  3. It's a beautiful bag but too expensive imo to keep with this flaw. I hope they will find you a replacement bag!!
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  4. #4 Jul 20, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
    I actually had the same issue with this exact mini. There was similar discoloration in that exact same spot. It seemed like it was underneath the coating because when I rubbed on it, it didn't get worse and the surface was smooth. I ended up returning it and buying the same mini but light gold hardware. I couldn't get over the fact that the spots were there. I don't think it's going to get worse overtime unless it really is chipping unlike the one i returned. I will say though that the lambskin in ruthenium is a lot tougher than the lghw, so I'm bummed about that. If you're not happy with it, I would definitely exchange. Good luck and let us know what you decide. :yes:
  5. For sure ☹️. Thank you!

    Wow that's crazy that the exact same flaw was on multiple bags! Mine is also smooth so it seems to be an internal discolouration. I saw the light gold hardware but preferred the RHW as well, so we are in the same disheartened boat !! Hoping I can find one without the marks. Thank you and I'll keep you posted!!
  6. I saw your post and had a little panic as I have bought the mini rectangle lambskin srhw for me and the square for a great friend. I literally ran upstairs to check them, but thankfully they are ok.

    Chanel should be picking these things up in quality control, so that you have not had to go through this. I did notice that the blue plastic protector was hard to remove, it didn't peel off easily as per usual.

    Good luck I am sure they will locate one for you that is perfect, and that they smother you in champagne and gat service to make up for it...
  7. geez, more quality issues!! did not realize the shiny ruth was coated!! IS IT??? i've only seen pictures of this bag from my SA and also SLGs with this hardware. i love it and am waiting for the royal blue rect mini, i'm really hoping it doesn't become an issue like the so black hardware. :crybaby: i would definitely see what your SA can do - fingers crossed that he or she can locate another one for you!! i would NOT keep this particular bag bc it's located right on the CC and that's naturally where my eyes are drawn to whenever i look at my bags so i would not accept this on a brand new bag. good luck!! please keep up updated, it really is an amazing, gorgeous bag!!
  8. a chip in the hardware of a 3K bag is entirely unacceptable. i would suggest you to return it otherwise that chipped CC will bother you forever!
  9. So sorry about that HW flaw. It's otherwise gorgeous. I hope you can find a replacement. I'm not one to nitpick over things like small scratches or scuffs that are bound to happen with wear or small imperfections located on less visible parts of the bag, but this would really bother me!
  10. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I would not want to let this one go as well, it's like so black but even better hardware as i'm hesitant over the so black due to the easy chip coating (current situation with this particular rhw aside). Because you said the surface is smooth, it doesn't sound like the coating is "chipping".

    I would say first try very hard to push for an exchange and for the SA to help locate another one, she can also perhaps call Chanel customer service and explain situation and see if this can help?) while you hold on to this (did you buy from boutique and have limit on return period limitation?). After the attempt to locate and if it's not successful/likely successful, this may sound counter-intuitive (since it's a brand new bag and I typically won't even consider this), but I know what it feels like to have found a really nice and hard to obtain bag that I love and hard to let go of.... Since it's JUST THE TURNLOCK/LOGO CC, it should be easily replaced by Chanel, and they should have plenty of spare perfect CCs for this season's color and size that they can simply "swap". they should NOT have to "fix" your current logo hardware, in fact if I were you I wont accept that. however, if they simply REPLACE the CC - seriously what harm is there? they did put one there in the first place... just not a perfect one... and they can do that this time...?
    what do you think? it should be good as new, you just need to wait for it come back...

    (I'm thinking about my rainbow purple boy and what I would do if this was on the cc logo of a boy that I receive and know that it's very difficult/unlikely to locate another one for exchange easily...)
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  11. Omg, I bought the same bag 2 weeks ago in Paris and still didn't remove the blue sticker yet. I ran home after work upon reading this thread just to double check lucky everything is fine.
    I agreed with everything said above, you should definitely exchange for a new perfect bag. It's too expensive to settle. I'm looking into the preloved market right now for this one bag and I'm debating if I should buy it at all for this small almost invisible stain knowing that it is preloved therefore I'd expect a perfect bag if it's brand new.
    And don't settle for gold if you really wanted shiny rhw. I've learned through shopping chanel that once you settle you'll never be 100% satisfy.

  12. Thank you all for your advise and well wishes!! It is so comforting to have the support of fellow chanel enthusiasts ☺️. Update: I went back in with my bag and my dear SA spoke with their in-house repair woman (sorry if there is a more eloquent title ). She is going to check to see if they have the matching hardware CC plate to replace, if they can have it shipped, or if another store can transfer another bag for repair--whichever comes first. If, however, none of these options are possible, it must be shipped to Paris for about two months. Sigh. So it's a longer waiting game. Thank you all again for listening and chiming in !
  13. Gorgeous mini, so shiny & puffy, congrats!
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  14. Overdue update:
    My wonderful SA found another bag in Canada and had it sent to my store a mere 2 days after I went back in! It is perfect!

    Thank you all again for your advice and wishes :smile:!!

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  15. YAY!! Happy dance!! That is one beautiful mini!
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