Lovely RED! My new YSL baby!!

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    After I bought a large Chinese Blue Muse, I wanted something reddish color. So 4 days later I bought a large Poppy Muse! This is the second pop-up color bag for me. I love both red & blue!! And I really fall in love with Muse bag( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The picture is taken in my room, and the sun light coming from a window.

    Lovely Blue detail is the following thread;
  2. This is under the sun light. I think Poppy looks a little bit pink-red under the sun.
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    Comparison shot of Poppy & Chinese Blue(^ ^)

    Actually I bought a large Dark Chocolate Muse in Dec, 2012 & a medium Black Muse in July, 2012. I also bouht some YSL bags and products in 2012, so later on I'll show my YSL family(*^o^*)
  4. Yay, Momo. Both bags are beautiful.
  5. Thank you, Lara! I really love this cute Poppy! I'll use it next week for my work. I really appreciate your opinions that you told me when I couldn't decide what color I should buy o(^▽^)o
  6. Stunning colors!!! Wow!!
  7. Beautiful bags, love those colors!!
  8. I'm seriously loving these! Beautiful!!!
  9. Thank you everyone! I really enjoy my pop-up color bags! Very yummy!!
  10. Ooh, congrats on your Muse bags, they look lovely! Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to that family pic - I just love those!
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    Thank you Aluxe(^ ^) I added my Dark Chocolate Muse. This picture was taking under the room light at night. I'll upload my YSL family later!

    And, SA told me a large Violet Muse is coming tomorrow! So I'll go to a department store, and take a look at the color! Maybe one more baby will join my YSL family??
  12. Oh girl it is beautiful! Congrats
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    Thank you, Yoyotomatoe! Your lovely picture with a beautiful red CC makes me to purchase the Poppy! Do you enjoy your cute CC? It really matches on you! We both happy now(^ ^)

    Whoops! My lonely medium black Muse wants to join the Muse's family picture...! I really need to take other bags' pictures too
    ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  14. I am loving thanks girl. Your gorgeous muses are making me want one haha. The blue muse is stunning as well!
  15. Congrats