1. its so pretty~~~someone should get it!!!!!
  2. OMG, u gotta be kidding me, i just rid off my bags, now this auction appeared.. it's GORGEOUS!!!
  3. yes, this is a gorgeous bag! i love it! :love:

    fayden, good luck with the sale of this beauty!

    emila, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Good luck Fayden. You really did a good job with the pictures, they make the bag stand out.

    Now, Ladies, anyone to give this Baby a new home?

    I am unfortunately too poor right now to buy anything. My 04 Marron City is coming this week...
  5. That is such a gorgeous bag especially in that color, good luck with the
    sale fayden, I am sure she will find a new home soon!
  6. aw thank you all for the nice comments. hope to sell so i can get my hands on a hobo!!! it's hard letting her go, she's so pretty and yes crunchy will miss her, but i've got that photo.
  7. THANK you emila for letting us know :yes: .... it's a GORGEOUS purse :P

    GOOD LUCK with your sale fayden .... it will be sold soon :tender:
  8. Goodluck Fayden. It's a gorgeous bag:P
  9. Good luck, fayden! It's beautiful!:love:
  10. i can understand how hard it can be to let go such a beautiful bag. good luck!
  11. fayden -- you know i love this bag. i remember when you got it. i still can't get over how nice the leather is. good luck!

    tell crunchy that hobos are cool too.
  12. pretty! pale rose is such a delicate color... very sophisticated! :love:
  13. Good Luck Fayden- it is sooooo pretty!!!!!!
  14. Aww, so pretty! Good luck Fayden! Hope it'll go to a great home soon:smile: