Lovely Purple Bayswater!

  1. I'm just loving my first Mulberry - bought at Liberty of London last week - I gasped when I saw her!

    We stateside (as in US) gals do not get much of an opportunity to see the brand and I love the classic look of the Bayswater but have been concerned about the size as well as the weight of the bag (as mentioned on many posts).

    Alas, a new Bloomies opened up nearby and I saw the giraffe design and was shocked at how light the bag was and the SA mentioned something about a new design, etc.
    So - I knew I had to see them IRL in London.

    The following details are for those that are not so familiar w/the brand and are just my observations - if I have erred - please correct for those that are in the "know":

    This version is tumbled leather, so I think it's different from the natural leather. There is a very distinct grain pattern and the leather is pliable and soft, but NOT ultra soft (like Bulga).

    The hardware is polished, not matte like in the oak, chocolate or black Bayswater.

    There is a fabric lining, imprinted w/the Mulberry logo. I think this helps w/the lightness of the bag. Either the earlier models were made out of thicker leather and were not lined OR they were lined in suede, I cannot tell from the photos that were posted by others.

    There is only one zippered compartment inside. No other pockets. Not the best for organization, but there are times one sacrifices organization for style. I think other models have more internal pockets - again - this would add to the weight of the bag.

    As happens with lots of double strap shoulder bags - the straps do not stay on my shoulders all the time, but hey - it's manageable.

    Hope you enjoy the photos - the color is absolutely gorgeous!
  2. wow lovely bag! i'm glad mulberry are making some more variations from the natural leather!
  3. Very pretty. Congratulations and enjoy your bag!
  4. Just gorgeous! I didn't think I'd like "purple" but this color is deep and rich...and just lovely. Thank you for the great pix. Enjoy.
  5. Gorgeous! Looks amazing on you too -- saw your modeling pics in the other thread. I don't wear my Bayswater on the shoulder because I can't stand the flopping-shoulder-strap thing, but luckily it's a great size for hand or arm carrying too.

    So great that it's lined...I was talking with the SA in the NYC shop about that and she said they have been trying to get Mulberry to line all their bags, and to put in some extra pockets inside. Apparently Mulberry thinks that is an American thing, but they seem to be moving in that direction anyway. My feeling is, if I'm going to pay $1k for a bag, I want it to be lined - but of course that didn't stop me from buying the unlined Darwin version.:p

    Enjoy your new bag -- she's a beauty!
  6. She is so precious! The color is TDF. Congrats on your first Mulberry!
  7. Mulberry has a funny attitude towards lining their bags. They have lined some bags as I have a Helier that is about 12 years old now and it is lined. My Soho bag is lined and so was the one I bought my mum. My soft nappa Araline has a plain fabric lining and the washed nappa Aralines had a lovely lining with the Mulberry tree logo.
    But my Alana and Phoebe aren't lined. I think it may come down to the type of leather. Darwin is a much thicker leather which keeps its shape whereas glove and nappa are much softer and perhaps need the lining to help hold the shape of the bag.
  8. sarajane -
    Your thoughts on lining or no lining makes perfect sense. When I get the chance to see other Mulberrys - I'll check it out. I'm just thrilled that I literally ran into this bag under these circumstances!
  9. What a gorgeous bag,beautiful color too!!! I'm a bit rubbish at being brave with colors,but my,my am I getting tempted!!! From Rach's yummy selection(and her kitchen!) to Sarajanes lush new Olive Phoebe and Audrey 2's gorgeous new one, a divine chocolate patent Bayswater,I am becoming a little more cosmopolitan in my attitude to colors.But I have to behave,so I'll just admire everybody else's and share their joy when they get a new one!!
    Ditab,I'm waiting for your arrival tommorow!!! Will you sleep tonight?Its a bit like a grown -ups Christmas!! So long since I've been giddy like a youngster waiting for Xmas..................sigh.

    Anyway!Rambled right off topic,again, sorry!!! Beautiful bag,you must be so pleased with it!Its a goregeous bang on trend color,but its so elegant I really don't think that is going to date easily.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. chaz -
    thanks for your lovely comments - yes be brave....add color color color!
    and indeed....I too was thinking that this color would transcend the current "trend" and be a classic!
  11. What a gorgeous bag :tup::heart:
  12. Absolutely gorgeous bag dcblam! Congrats! :tup:

    There is something Hermes-like about it, actually it reminds me of a Birkin bag. It oozes chic and class. The colour is stunning, very unusual and I beleive will go with many colours.

    Oh I love Liberty store in London, unlike other department stores except Harrods it is full of character and charm.
  13. dcblam - is there any way to get this bag in the U.S.?
  14. :tup: Stunning colour - I love it!
  15. Wow, that is a beautiful bag! Gorgeous color and should look great with so many things!! Lucky you!!!!