Lovely LV from some magazines : PICS :

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  1. I'll try to post when I found them!
    M1.jpg M2.jpg M3.jpg Mlockitmono.jpg Mpopincourtebi.jpg
  2. Roxbury Drive, Manhattan PM and some Amarante
    Mroxbury.jpg Mmanhattan.jpg amarante.jpg
  3. vernis
    M4.jpg R10.jpg R9.jpg R11.jpg M8.jpg
  4. Thanks for all the pics!
    All those Lv's are stunning :smile:
  5. Wow, thanks for the pix..!
  6. nice pix! and I love how they turned the saumur bag (cross-body) into a shoulder bag! AWESOME! Now I am totally into this hot bag! lol :biggrin:
  7. Great pics, thanks for sharing!
  8. This month's Vogue has two models in head to toe LV ready-to-wear and toting two bags from the F/W line. I'm away right now but when I get home I'll try to remember to scan and post it.
  9. Nice pics :drool: Thanks for sharing :nuts:
  10. Wow...
    thanks for sharing...
  11. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!!
  12. thanks for the pic's :smile:
  13. thank you for the pictures!
  14. WOW,

    thank you for everyone!
    I just thought it's like my hobby and if someone like it.....

    OK, I will try to look for my old magazines later.

  15. Nice! Thanks for sharing :smile: