Lovely LV costumer service!

  1. I just got off the phone with a girl from LV UK Costumer Service, and they're holding a Tivoli GM for me for 48 hours at the last store that has them here :yahoo:

    I am impressed since I am far from being a VIP costumer, and actually I only ever bought two LV items in this country, so I wasn't expecting any special treatment: I only called to know which store, if any, was still holding Tivolis.

    Just wanted to spread the joy! I'll make sure to post pics of the Tivoli when I get it, although you guys might have seen a lot of them already :smile:

    I wish I could get there today :love:
  2. Congratulations, post pics when you do get your hands on it!!

    It's nice to hear of the positive experiences that people have in LV.
  3. congrats! glad you're happy about your upcoming new bag!
  4. That was my primary reason for posting this: I think every costumer deserves to be treated beautifully when buying luxury items, regardless of their surnames or how many bags they own!
    Also, I had no idea you could have them hold a bag in store for you by phoning, and I'm guessing this perk can be useful to many of us :smile:
  5. That's so great to hear! I recently called the US line and worked with someone named Rachel...she was SO NICE!
  6. I must say it's rare to get a get a rude SA. If you do, go find another one. But most are really great and will try to work with you.

    It's great to see the happiness on a customer's face!
  7. I agree with you: I worked in costumer service and making the costumer happy is what gives a meaning to your workday.
    But I'll tell you a short non LV related story:
    My dad wanted to get me a Rolex when I turned 18, so he told me to go to their Rome boutique, try some of them on and choose, so he could go and buy one afterwards.
    When I entered the boutique, I was dressed casually in jeans, sneakers and a jumper, and the SA wouldn't let me try watches on!
    I got really upset about it: it's not like you could just walk away from that kind of store, there's security and quite big doors.
    Sure enough, my father brought his considerable Rolex purchases elsewhere :p
  8. It's sooo good to hear happy stories!
  9. I ordered from Rachel too. She is a very nice representative. :smile:
  10. Congratulations! Glad to hear of your great experience!
  11. I can't wait to pick it up :wacko: