Lovely little present from my mum...

  1. thats so cute. sweet of your mum.
  2. Cute gift, congrats!
  3. lol cute!!
  4. I *LOVE* Edward Monkton stuff! I have a Madness Hamster upstairs which my best friend bought me and about 30 different greetings cards of his.

    I also bought this in keyring form to send to someone who needs some cheering up, I think it should do the trick nicely, yay for your Mum! xx
  5. Nice! :smile:
  6. Aww thats nice of your mum!
  7. I know, it was so sweet of her. Just the fact that she had seen it and thought how much I would like it was so touching. Lucky girl me!
  8. very cute!
  9. LOL! It's so cute1