Lovely little Harrods delivery...

  1. Is it a sale item? Am going to say Lily.
  2. I think I know :smile:
  3. Shhhh!
    Yup steph in the sale... Unfortunately not as exciting as a bag...
  4. ..
  5. Gorgeous colour :smile: Exciting :smile:
  6. He he it is indeed.... SO pleased as was worried I wouldn't like it! :nuts: I haven't got it out yet, only managed to peek, going crazy!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Here she is... Can't wait any longer :loveeyes:
  8. Close up :love:
  9. Oh that's lovely! What a wonderful pop of colour!
  10. Ah that's beautiful!! Gorgeous colour :smile:
  11. Very nice.
  12. Well that certainly won't be going in any bag on the way home!! That would be held tightly to my chest. I love the colour. :yes: :tup:

    I'd like an iphone cover in that colour but can't get hold of one.
  13. Thanks ladies... She's beautiful.. Another quick ic next to Neely :biggrin:
  14. ..
  15. Unfortunately she will have to... Still pouring here :storm: :sad: