Lovely Lily in Atlantic *lots o' pics*

  1. Hello all!

    I am loving my Lily in Atlantic! I actually got her at the end of July and am now finally posting pics. . . I have loved seeing Handbglvr's photos of her sister's gorgeous Lily in Black and Stophle's beautiful Lily in Whiskey. . .so, without further ado, heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Lily in Atlantic!
    Lily 002.jpg Lily 006.jpg Lily 008.jpg Lily 009.jpg Lily 010.jpg
  2. Uh... WOW
  3. :nuts:Wow she is stunning! The colour looks gorgeous and the bag looks so much better in these pictures than the ones on the website. CONGRATS!!!
  4. Holy smokes...gorgeous!!!
  5. More views. . .

    I love all the pockets! ANd the STRIPES!!!!

    The front pocket is great because it has no zipper - very nice for quick access!
    Lily 011.jpg Lily 013.jpg Lily 014.jpg Lily 016.jpg Lily 017.jpg
  6. Love that atlantic color with the legacy stripes! And your Coach accessories are your ipod cover!!

  7. Even more. . .

    What do you think about the fish? Is it too much and detract from Lily?

    4th photo is w/o flash. . . tried to capture a truer color, but it's a wee bit dark. . .
    Lily 020.jpg Lily 021.jpg Lily 024.jpg Lily 034.jpg Lily 038.jpg
  8. That Lily satchel is absolutely gorgeous!
    Enjoy carrying her! Congrats!
  9. OK, last round!

    All modeling pics. . .

    I love my Molly sunnies that I just got back from my eye doctor's - now they have my prescription in them!!!
    Lily 044.jpg Lily 045.jpg Lily 050.jpg Lily 052.jpg Lily 053.jpg
  10. Thank you! Yeah, I figured it was time everyone here got to see her gorgeous blue! The website photo (as usual) does not do her justice!
  11. Wow...that's really gorgeous!!! The color is something else!
  12. Thank you! I am just crazy about those stripes!!!
  13. Thanks - too bad the price tag was a big wow, too!!! I was going to try to hold out until the next PCE, but that obviously wasn't going to happen! :shocked:

    But she is so worth it to me. . .I :heart: Lily!
  14. Thank you! I will enjoy carrying her!:p
  15. Thanks! I just HAD to go for that Atlantic!!!