Lovely Lavender

  1. Just a close up, but love this color so much, am so excited about adding the cles!
    Lavender with bottles.jpg Beautiful Lavender.jpg
  2. I love that color! When will you be getting the cles?
  3. Ooo:huh:o...I :love: this gorgeous color and your bag and agenda looks great together. One question though, is it a little bluish (as it appears on my screen) or is it meant to be a true lavender in IRL 'cos I don't have one of these beauties...yet:graucho:

    What is your avatar? IS that a fish?
  5. Avatar is a Koi fish, which is what my tattoos are.... am about to get another one a circle of koi around my upper thigh... I ADORE tattoos...
  6. Lavender is a bluish periwinkle.... not true lavender, although I do believe that different pieces of leather have taken the color differently, some lavender is a paler greyer subtle shade, and some lavender is definately more blue. The Sullivan is very blue, the agenda is more subtle and greyish, more are fabulously beautiful. I just think it's a subtle off color and different pieces are shades different. That's also what makes it so cool! Hopefully, the cles will be coming in a week or so, all the way from across the pond...
  7. This is one of the nicest colors of vernis and I wish something similar would come back to producion. It is a very pretty set you have there miss lady! =)
  8. Oh wow! Thanks for the info...great stuff! I like your explanation of how every piece is a little different from the next. Post pics of your cles when it comes!
  9. thanks sweeties! will definately give more visuals, too fun!