Lovely ladies please help! Distressed Reissue 227 with Ruthenium or Gold Hardware?

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  2. Joaniii: I wish we could! Unfortunately we don't live close enough to each other :smile: Love your Louboutins!
    Valnsw: You're right, the metallics really do look amazing with Rhw!
    Covertanjou: Please do find some pictures and share! Love to see more natural pictures of the distressed reissue with ghw.

    She needs to decide by tomorrow which one to go with. I'm thinking she is leaning now more than ever for the ghw :smile:
  3. Lol, I think we posted our replies at the same time! So excited to see the pictures! Thanks!
  4. Your reissue is absolutely lovely! I can see how it is definitely a timeless classic in gold! I wish I could just figure out how to upload photos as well :sad:
  5. Another photo:

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  6. Gold is formal and goes with anything! RHW can be more casual and used for formal too. I have the 227 gold and I love it. Gold is a must in your collection! I love the details in the chain. There are nice carvings. 2.55 is becoming more of a beauty to me than the classics now...
  7. GHW all the way... I think reissue Matte black with GHW is so gorgeous. It's not as shiny as the classic flap, makes it more chic not too mature. Also, the leather of reissue is not as durable as caviar. So I keep her just for the special occasion with dressy look while using jumbo SHW as an everyday bag. Good luck on your decision. You can't go wrong with both. :smile:

  8. I agree! Good luck in the decision but gold with matte black wins hands down!
  9. ghw
  10. I choose the hardware color for my bags based on my jewerly. I wear mostly white gold and silver. I have a 226 distressed black reissue w/rhw... I like that I can dress up (it looks great with dresses) and down with it (looks good with just t-shirt and jeans).

    You can't go wrong with ghw or rhw... gl! ;)

    I agree with above that the hardware color also depends on the color of the bag. For example, I think Beige Clair looks best with ghw.
  11. I'd go with whatever matches the majority of the jewelry she wears!
  12. I don't find the ghw combo on this bag matronly at all. It's a very modern bag, imo.
  13. Although I personally perfer the RHW, it sounds like GHW would be best for your sister & her personal tastes. I would say that she should get GHW.

    And FWIW, RHW certainly does not look inexpensive compared to the GHW . . . it's just a different look that's all.
  14. Thanks soooo much ladies! So I've been keeping my sister updated with everyone's amazing advice, and she had to make a decision by TODAY. Turns out that she decided to consult her husband last night and see which one he would prefer to see her carrying! He said hands down that he preferred the RHW. He basically confirmed all the things that she was afraid of with the GHW. That it was too mature, not modern enough, and reminded him of his mother's handbags! :sad: What does he really know anyway lol!

    Even though I personally own one in RHW, after everyone's great advice, I've gained a newfound appreciation for the antique gold hardware. And I had decided that I wanted her to go for the GHW. I think for her, it boiled down to her husband's strong reaction towards the ghw. Both bags are no doubt stunning! And in the end, I guess like rosasharn78 said, the Reissue with Ruthenium hardware is a gorgeous bag, not any less expensive, just a different look that's all! I just hope she enjoys the bag as much as I have, and doesn't regret her decision at all!

    Thanks SOO much ladies!! I love this forum so much! I'll definitely get her to send me some pics to share with everyone when it arrives!
  15. Gold for sure!!!!