Lovely ladies please help! Distressed Reissue 227 with Ruthenium or Gold Hardware?

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    Need desperate help for my Sister! I personally own a 227 in Ruthenium, but she feels that it doesn't look as expensive as the one with Gold hardware. However, she is concerned that with Gold, it may look too matronly and may not complement her wardrobe as well? She has to make a decision by tomorrow morning in order to secure one of the two bags. Which one of the two do you own and use the most? Which one would you consider more versatile? And is it true that the Ruthenium one looks not as expensive? Please help!
  2. mschanel, Matte Black Distressed Reissue 227 will go perfectly with Gold Hardware and yes, it really looks expensive, no doubt about it :smile: I don't have any Ruthenium Hardware because I just don't like the look of Ruthenium, maybe it will look nice in Metallic Reissue ;)
  3. Thanks Coolgal :smile: I can see what my sister thinks about it looking too plain, but what I love about it is that it has a more edgy, modern vibe than the gold hardware, and I never have to worry about it getting scratched or faded. I think perhaps for her taste, she is preferring something more openly luxurious. Thanks for your advice! :smile:
  4. GOLD!!!! i never thought i will love a reissue till i look at one with GHW......gorgeous........ and that is the only reissue that makes me dream!
  5. Any pictures?
  6. Aww Joope-that's so cute! I know what you mean! I think I felt the same about my Maxi when I first saw it too :smile: For my sister, I am starting to think that she should go for the gold!

    I just tried to upload two pics-one of the distressed reissue in gold and one in ruthenium, but for some reason it keeps saying that its an "invalid file." I'm sorry, I'm still somewhat of a newbie to tpf. Not sure what I did wrong. I don't even know how to upload a profile pic for myself lol.
  7. Gold!
  8. I would love to see pictures of them too! you should resize your pics in order to upload them on tpf. there is size limit which is under 160kb(around).
    Personally I've been leaning towards gold but since I saw bronze colour chain(not sure this is ruthenium) with 2.55, I fell in love. :P
  9. Gold! Definitely gold!
  10. Ok, just tried with the photographs again and no luck! I resized them as well. I'm going to wait and try to upload them a bit later tonight. :sad:

    Tiffany: Which bag had a bronze color chain? Was it a metallic bag? To my knowledge, most of the metallic bags have true "silver" chains, whereas the Ruthenium chains/hardware are of a darker silver. For my friends and I who do have the bags with the Ruthenium, we just love the exceptionally modern look that the ruthenium hardware provides. It complements whatever outfit you are wearing, and surprisingly makes the distressed leather on the bag look more rich. Considering that my jumbo, maxi, and m/l classics are all with gold hardware, I really love how my ruthenium Reissue has such a younger, edgy vibe! Since my sister is a bit older than me, maybe the antique gold hardware on the Reissue would suit her more?
  11. Tiffany: You were right! I just saw a bronze metallic reissue on ebay with the ruthenium hardware. It is absolutely gorgeous!
  12. Glad you found that and yes it's fab... :coolio: Good luck with finding a perfect purse for your sister and yourself!
  13. I don't think silver looks 'not as expensive'...It is probably a different look, that's all. For example, I would wear my black caviar jumbo with gold hw in the evening, and my black reissue with rhuthenium hw during the day :smile:
    If your sister gets the gold and since you have rhuthenium maybe you girls can swap with each other depending on what occassion you're using your bags for? That's what my sister & I do :upsidedown:
  14. ^ I think it depends on which colour you are looking at.

    Personally I feel black matte distressed looks gd with ghw whereas grey would look gd with rhw.

    The ghw will make the contrast with black more outstanding whereas the rhw will match grey better than rhw.

    For metallics, rhw is the way to go.
  15. I have the Distressed Reissue 227 in the gold hardware, and I love it. I almost bought the Ruthenium, but my daughters convinced me to get the gold. I am so glad I did.

    I will try to find some pictures and post them.