lovely hermes in vogue ad

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  1. Sorry if its a stupid question, i dont know that much about Hermes, but are trying to learn more.

    I saw this ad today in the latest uk vogue, and absolutely loved the bag, so i took a pic of it. Its a text in the corner and it prob says what the bag is called, but i just cant make out what is says...

    Whats the bag called and around how much does it go for?


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  2. That would be my favorite H bag - the Jypsiere! It's stunning, isn't it? I have one in Vert Veronese but it's absolutely gorgeous in, what I think is, Iris in the ad! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting!
  3. Wow, it does look stunning in Iris! Really cool pic- thanks for sharing J.E! :tup:
  4. This bag is available in three different sizes. I didn't see UK prices in the thread but it does have the price in Euros:

    2010 Pricing for Hermes Bags (NO CHATTER PLEASE)
  5. gorgeous bag! what size is the one in the picture?
  6. looks like size 34...

    it is GORGEOUS!
  7. Thanks for letting me know the name! The Jypsiere, what a lovely bag!
  8. It is the 28cm Jypsiere in the ad (I called to inquire on this a few weeks ago).

    The 28cm is $6500 usd

    The 34cm is $7600 usd
  9. OOOH, love it in iris! I have this size in Bouganvillea. GORGEOUS bag - my favourite at the moment. Always get lots of compliments when I wear it. Would LOVE it in purple.
  10. Thank you so much for this info! :smile: (are you getting it?)
  11. Yes the purple is very nice, isnt it?

    You are such a lucky girl having it already!! :P
  12. It's stunning! :cloud9:
  13. oh it looks stunning in iris!
  14. Yes, I fell hard for this bag, and managed to snag the last 28cm black jypsiere in the States. (I'm sure there will be more, I got the last one at current inventory in that size.)
  15. O wow! Congrats!! :nuts: