Lovely First Time in H


so you Kelly?
Nov 22, 2006
I finally stepped inside a Hermes Store (not the DFS shop). :yahoo: When I went in, all the SAs are busy with customers and I am wondering around feeling and looking lost.

My DH agreed to get my birthday present from H, I went down to look at some of the items and to decide some of the items before I bring DH down. I was looking at Twilly as that is what I really want (at the moment). A lovely SA assisted me when she became available. She is the sweetest SA ever, we talked from Twillys to Baby's booties & Towel (gift) and I tried on a 32 Kelly Souple! I am in love with the Kelly.:love:

She brought out the leather book and proceeded to explain to me on the various leathers (which I am able to join in the conversation becos of *You ladies' reference link*) I had soo much fun at the H store. She puts me on the Kelly waitlist, she told me when she gets a Kelly, she will call me.

I had so much fun, considering I was apprehensive going in. I had a lovely lovely time, made perfect by the forums reference links and I totally fell in love with a Kelly (IRL).

I just want to thank all the ladies who had contributed and educated a complete Hermes Dummy like me.:cutesy:

Now, I need to rethink on my Hermes Wishlist!
This sounds fabulous! I love to hear happy Hermes stories........and HELLO is right. Once bit by the Hermes bug, it's hard to go back!
hello & Shopmom : I am already hooked, so much so that my usually spendthrift occasionaly extravagant DH volunteered to get me a B present there made my day :rochard:

Greentea: I wanted something to go with my casual lifestyle, SA suggested 32 size and in-stitch in Togo. I told her Blue Jean, SA will call me if anything pops up in the blue family. :balloon:

I tried on a Havana 32 Kelly in Evercalf - OMG the leather is soo buttery. :love:

No not my last visit, I am ready dreaming of new twilly to get :smile: ohh the lovely H perfume when I walked in... so dreamy.
princessfrog, I'm happy for you that you had a great visit with Hermes. Your story made me smile. Now, the tough part is the wait for your Kelly....but, the fun thing is, there are so many other things to distract us at Hermes while we wait:yes:
I am going to Hermes in NYC for the first time ever!!! All of my purchases so far have either been scarves from Neiman Marcus or over the phone to NM in Washingston DC. So glad I am not the only one who has not been there yet!

I am soooooo excited! So glad to hear it was as exciting as I expect it to be!!!!!

:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

I will let you all know tomorrow!!!!!!