Lovely Find

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    I found this today! I bought it over a year ago at a sewing expo (I always swear I am not going to buy fabric). It only is about 10 inches long, just big enough for a small purse or clutch. With it I found 2 Chinese coins (probably not real coins). I have to decide on a style and find a suitable lining. It's safe to say I'm not even in the planning stage...just the idea.
    I hope enjoyed looking at my lovely silk. That's a jacquard, by the way.
  2. oooooh pretty color!!!

    textiles are so addicting. for me it's yarn, but i so know the feeling of "no more!" then finding something too exquisite to pass up.
  3. What a great find! That's such a pretty color for a little clutch or something.
  4. Hello!
    ilzabet: you probably understand and know all too well how many times I've said "I'm not buying fabric!" At least at these expos I don't buy anything I can get just anywhere. I have Italian wools, silks (the one I showed is indeed Japanese), Indian saris, and various fabrics made of unusual fibers (bamboo, banana leaves). I did buy a beautiful fuschia wool which happened to be the exact color I was looking for to make a jacket last year at an unbelievably low price. The vendor did not want to pack it up and take it with him. I justified the purchase because I did not buy any gadgets (another addiction...sewing tools). I already had all those!
    lv-lover: the silk is certainly appropiate for a lovely evening bag or special occasion. I'm not sure even I could carry a raspberry colored bag every day. I'll let you know what style I'm going to do when I do decide. So many pictures and patterns...only one 10 inch by 44 inch piece.
  5. Oh, how pretty. My mother has a whole room filled with fabric.
  6. THat's a lovely color indeed! Very rich!