Lovely colour but with or not buy?

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  1. Hi Ladies, need your opnion. I 've finally found a mango glazed lambskin with bijoux chain which is quite rare and difficult to locate. But there are some scratches at the back pocket. (pics at bottom)

    Apart from that, the bag is in a perfect condition. However, I really prefer a jumbo than a medium but the fact is, this mango colour is so lovely and irresistible, I think I can settle for a medium size.

    I am now torn between getting a brand new caviar beige or this piece of mango medium with scratches... Or shall I continue to wait til I find a perfect condition glazed lambskin mango in jumbo size? I'm not even sure if the day will every come...

  2. BUY!

    personally, that would not bother me if I was not purchasing through a boutique... such a beautiful color and so hard to find......... snatch her up!

    But if you realllllly have your heart set on a jumbo.... you have to find the jumbo! the search will never end.......... so, no

    in conclusion, follow your heart!!!!!! :winkiss:
  3. #3 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    it looks like color transfer to me. if you can live w/ it, and price is worth the condition, buy...

    i'm not a yellow fan, so i'm biased to beige. though it sounds like that yellow is what you love, then MUST yellow!
  4. Would not bother me at all! It's really not noticeable and those do not look like scratches, the color wore off which Chanel can probably fix.
  5. nycavalier: Thanks for your quick response! it has been bothering me for a week..haha.. i feel so much better hearing opinion from you ladies!

    pursenality: you are right, you can tell I must have a yellow haha...cos I missed the cruise 2010 yellow so, yeah...i must have something in that shade :smile:

    nymifashion: whoa! sounds good..if that's something Chanel can fix, I am gonna snap up that mango baby!
  6. I think that's fine, I'd still get it. I don't think it's that noticeable
  7. I too think that it is a colour transfer and can be removed. I think you should go for it!!
  8. I think it's abrasion..when the back of purse is rubbed against our happens to my glazed lambskin too. Can be easily treated by re-touching up with same colour. Seriously, it took me quite a while to find my glazed lambskin i say GO FOR IT!
  9. To me it's not very noticeable. And it sure is gorgy color. I say buy!!! Good luck
  10. If you can live with it then buy it.
  11. If you can get it to a boutique they will make it new again.....its worth it..
  12. The bag looks used to me. Its probably a return. I probably wouldnt get it.
  13. I can't even see much of the scratches/color transfer. BUY IT! The color is absolutely GORGEOUS.
  14. I dont see any scratches...

    It looks a bit dirty or it might what the other girls have said, color transfer. Either way, easily fixed so ... get it!
  15. OMG OMG!! Thanks pls5, beljwl, nighteyes, ladystardust,jaded81, habanerita, CCKL for all your positive responses and support! :smile:

    luccibag: it's a 2nd hand, not a brand new from boutique

    tartine: I spotted a mango flap in your collection and to be honest, you are in fact, one of the contributory factors to my decision to grab that mango flap LOL