Lovely BI Day BIN939.99

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  1. wowsa!
  2. i want it!!! too bad i already have a Day but not in BI!!!
    let's see if i can sell my current Day:graucho:
  3. The leather on the BI looks so nice. I want this but I am still not sure about the day style being too big on me and I have to wait right now.
  4. beautiful bag. i can only wish.
  5. Wonderful...I love that color but I know it doesn't go with my wardrobe:crybaby: .
    Probably better so!
  6. :drool:drool.... the leather is gorgeous, just the right kind of "veins" that I love....
    :crybaby:but no international shipping??:crybaby:
  7. I absolutely love love LOVE the Day in BI!!!
  8. i still really want this bag. the Day i currently have onl got 2 uses because i didn't know if it iwas my size. but i do love the BI! so now i'm debating should i get it cause i love the Day in BI, the leather looks so perfect, and i love the way BI looks with jeans and a t-shirt, but my other Day, i only used 2 times??? what to do?
  9. Gone.
  10. oh no!!!!
    did someone snag it up????