Lovely Balmoral pumps at Karen´s!

  1. Oh my I put this in the wrong section :wtf: I´ll inform a mod!
  2. :yes:
  3. :nuts:

    If only these were 1 size smaller!!!
  4. I love these shoes
  5. Thanks Ayla for moving the thread.

    I love these shoes too. The ad with Christina Ricci wearing them was so beautiful.
  6. I love & was eyeing these Balmoral Satin Pleat Kitten Heels once I found another similiar & BRAND NEW, too :p Finally, I bought mine for approx. around $ 275 incl. shipping
  7. These are my lovely Balmoral ( I'll pick up them tomorrow from custom office ), wish me luck to go out with low custom & pay for legal custom only, don't need to "donate" for those officer's pocket, too :push: )
    Balmoral Satin Pleat Red Kitten Heels ( side ).JPG
  8. I love these shoes!! but too small :crybaby:
  9. Aww I wish these were a 7. Boo. :sad:
  10. me too... :drool:
  11. i know! i wish they were my size!