Lovely 05 Calcaire Classique

  1. ughhh, i want this....
    calcaire is such a fab color!
  2. Oh nooo I want this!! I'm afraid it'd get dirty though.....ahhh it's gunna go too fast for me to make up my mind!!
  3. Hee! Was just coming here to post it - fantastic BIN price, somebody grab it, quick!
  4. Ahhhhhh... must resist! :Push:
  5. Is this from a Pfer? :tender:
  6. i dont think so... but I could be wrong. amazing price though, cant believe no one has leapt on it yet! *taps watch*

    spray it with applegarde and it should be OK...
    :angel: <--- such an enabler!
  7. No international shipping, so I'm safe. Just gorgeous though!
  8. Yep me too!! :angel:
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh lovely bag :nuts: :yahoo: !!!
    Thank you for the thread mocean :flowers:
  10. Ohmygosh. I'm dying here. That bag is great, the seller seems awesome, and I LOVE THAT COLOR...
  11. Someone get it.
    I had this bag *not THIS bag* and it was a FAV. I'd buy it this very second if it weren't for the Red Classique....
    ohhhhh, I'm going to be sad if I don't get the red and miss this!!

    Why do they always rain together?!
  12. So who got it?
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