Loveletter Rocker question

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  1. Did RM make any loveletter rockers with silver hardwear? All I'm seeing is gold and gunmetal. Does anyone know if she is going to come out with more colors for spring? I really want this bag but I want it to have silver hardware and in a summery color.
  2. do you mean the loveletter clutch? If so, there was one in grey suede that had silver hardware...I think it's still available on
  3. Lovespell rockers? I think it's just gold and gunmetal for now.
  4. There is the clutch from the loveletter series called the love not, and the lovespell rocker. Which one were you referring to? The lovespell rockers for sure only in gold or gunmetal.
  5. sorry, i meant lovespell rocker!!