1. I just read about them in another thread here and am wondering if anyone has used their services?

    Funnily enough there's one right near me in Canada and I'm tempted to swing by and see what they have going on.

    The pics on the site are great!
  2. what is it?
  3. I just sent a bag to their location in California today. I sent a Balenciaga bag that I had gotten off of Ebay for corner repairs (scuffing). I will post pictures in the Balenciaga thread when I get my bag back. I am very hopeful that all will go well and just a little bit nervous to see how my bag turns out . . . The website is actually I think . . . I was so paranoid about sending my bag to them that I actually checked the Better Business Bureau to make sure that they were a legitamate business. Good to know that they are since you have seen one in Canada! Cross your fingers for me and PM me if you use them too so we can share our experiences.
  4. again. . . what is it? what's their 'service'?
  5. They do handbag repair and restoration.
  6. just checked their website. its leather restoration???
    interesting, kinda sounds artsy... like painting restoration..... hm.....
  7. Sorry swanky....I posted and then headed off to bed.

    I tried to cut and paste a blurb in about what they do but I can't seem to make it work.:shame: Check out

    They have some good before and after pics.

    Iluvhandbags.....good luck with your bag and please post the experience. I'm tempted to send a couple of bags off for water repellent since I don't know what to use and how to do it. With my luck I'll ruin the bag. I think I'll call the Monday!
  8. I saw the website yesterday and I have to say that their before & after pictures of the balenciaga bag is just amazing.I'm kinda curious to see their work.Anyways good luck to those who sent off their precious bags off to them...make sure to post pictures...we'd all love to see.;)