Loved my MBMJ Teri bag so much...

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  1. i also got it in beige in addition to chalk.
    Love this bag ladies! And thanks to a couple of people :tup::tup: on the sale thread - I got it from NM on sale (by searching them through google to find their hidden MBMJ bags LOL)..thanks ladies..I recommend this bag..but probably in the beige color - the chalk can get dirty easily. :smile:
  2. Ooh, you're sneaky! I'll have to try that, haha. Congratulations! I've heard great things about them.
  3. I love this bag too -I've ordered it in beige, can't wait for it to come!! :tup:
  4. May I ask how much it was on sale for?
    And how do you search for hidden sale bags? Just curious... not like I can really order anything because I don't live in the States!!

    I love my Teri so much too! It's so beautiful and practical!
  5. Hey! Sorry for the confusion. Actually, if you go back to the sale thread and read a few days back about the NM coupon code you'll see that they included MBMJ - but clothing - and weren't listing the bags on the main link.
    Which confused us - until someone said that you can search the exact name of the bag you want (in this case the Teri) and enter NM into the google searcher - and then you can see the bag listing that way. I guess they were being tricky w/ the promotion at that time. The bag itself wasn't onsale. But I was able to add it to my bag, THEN apply the code to get the extra savings on it.
  6. If you love it, you might as well get one in every color.

    Didn't I just read a thread about you getting a 2nd blake too?

  7. I got my Teri- it's like a Mary Poppins bag (in a good way)! When I got it out of the box I immediately thought "no way is this going to be big enough" but I can fit an alarming volume of stuff in it. I'm going to use it to carry books and files and for when I don't need to carry a lot, it collapses down really gracefully lol. I can see why you've got two!!