Loved Dior Store In Paris!

  1. [​IMG]Got this new cruise bag there and I have to say that both Jillybean and I agree that the number 1 best SA in PARIS was at the DIOR store!and we went to EVERY designer boutique!!LOL!
    We had the sweetest guy SA there and he was so great..I bought this bag and the matching shoes..and Jillybean got my fave Dior shoes in brown(they didnt have my size in thoses...sniff!!LOL!)
    We actually went to several Dior stores but the very first one was the best....I was glad to give the SA my sale..He was super nice and super sweet .
  2. [​IMG]
  3. OMG I Love That Bag and the Shoes
  4. love them both:heart:
  5. Oh my! This bag looks so nice IRL! I didn't know there was one with only one pocket in front.
  6. ^YEP! This is the smaller one..The larger one has 2 pockets but was too big for me
  7. this is kinda off topic but everytime i think about dior in paris i just keep picturing that scene for the series finale of sex and the city when carrie slips and slides thru dior..LOL
  8. awww welcome back .... love ur Goodies ..

    Jill do u mind telling us at which Dior store u got the excellent service? How was the avenue montaigne?
  9. Ha ! And she "loses" her necklace ! :crybaby:

    Lovely choices as always Jill ! :graucho:
  10. I love your bag and shoes!
  11. Love the Bag and Shoes!! Absolutely Darling! I was kind of hoping for pictures of the MotherDiorShip! ;)
  12. The set is so hot! Great choice... sounds like you had a fabulous time in Paris.
  13. Both are gorgeous! :biggrin:
  14. Congrats.
  15. Gorgeous bag! - did you go the store on Avenue Montaigne? What a street!!! I was there in Oct. and loved seeing my Rebelle in the window - Is it still there?