Loved (and lost) my first pair of CL...

  1. I spent the past week in Manhattan for business and bought my first pair of Louboutins. Debated about packing them in my suitcase, but I've never had my luggage lost before (you can see where this is going). Just hope this story has a happy ending. Sigh. At least I shipped the Jimmy Choos.

  2. Aww. I'm sorry. My friends and I have had experiences with American Airlines losing our luggage. A couple of us had our suitcases returned to us within eight hours. For another friend it was days. I have even left my Jimmy Choos at a hotel in Vegas and have been fortunate enough for it to be recovered and shipped to me.
    I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and your CLs. BTW what kind were they?
  3. I've had my luggage lost a couple of times. The first time was with KLM. I just filed out a claim for at the airport and a few days later both suitcases were delivered in tact to my apartment.

    The most recent experience was with a small African airline ... same story--left copies of my bags' tag #s at the airport, and about a week later got a call to come pick them up.

    Don't worry--you'll get them sooner or later.

    I don't check any of my high end shoes/handbags on flights. I always pack them in a small carry on suitcase, along with all my other valuables. You should probably try do live by this rule, too ...

    Good luck!
  4. For future reference, put dirty underwear on anything you care about. LOL

    If you are buying shoes when you travel, just have them ship them to your home.
  5. Chill! Everything will be fine. I've had luggage lost many times. It always gets returned to you. That giant long sticker they put through your handles has a barcode on it that says who it belongs to and wear it should be going. They'll probably ship it UPS to your house like they've done to me everytime they've lost mine.
  6. oh no i hope it turns up. my friend lost his on AA as well on his way to NY but they found it a week later. good luck!
  7. Got it back, all shoes (new and old) intact this afternoon. Last night, an airline rep asked me for an itemization of contents in case my luggage lost all tags, but I stopped after I got to 6 pairs because she was giving me strange looks.

    After years of airline travel, this has now happened to me twice in 8 months, but all's well that end's well (both times).

    Oh, I got the black patent peep toe platforms (the ones with the tapered heel) from the Barneys sale while in NYC. It was whirlwind of shoe shopping between business, I have to admit.

    First trip ever on JetBlue. Liked the airline, but they left behind maybe 8 people's luggage.
  8. Glad you were reunited with your belongings, most importantly your shoes! I always try to avoid putting my high end shoes in my check in luggage. Even if I end up buying them during my trip, I keep them in my carry-on, box and all.

    BTW, I'm from the S.F. Bay Area too.
  9. glad you got back your stuff.
  10. i always carry my designer shoes and bags in a carry on..i just won't take the chance you never know
  11. I'm glad to hear they're back with you!!!
  12. I'm so glad you got your stuff back safe and sound :smile: I'm always paranoid about checking my valuables.

  13. SO GLAD to hear that your luggage arrived to you safely and intacted~!:smile:

    Not to get off subject, but as a very frequent flier, (and even yourself), I've realized that the luggage situation is quite a crap shoot. As posted earlier, maybe it is adviseable to put your valuable handbags and/or shoes in your carry on, or have the retailer (if purchased) directly send the item to you... That's what I do.
  14. i had this happen to me and i freaked because in one checked bag (yes, BOTH were left!) was my stam, one of my bal city bags AND my speedy 35 (i know i'm horrible, but i was spending MONTHS in another country and i need my bags!). in the end everything got to me, but those days of not knowing (or knowing, but not trusting the airline) had my stomach in knots.

    so glad everything worked out! shoes sound divine!
  15. Awww... so sorry!
    That teaches me to hand-carry the items that are most important to me then.
    Sending happy vibes your way!

    (Next time wear them, so you know youc an't lose them!)