1. Does anyone have info. on this site???
  2. They steal their images from eluxury and sell fakes.

    I knew this after looking at their site for about five seconds.
  3. Big, huge, filthy lie. Authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise never goes on sale, never allows "bulk purchases" or sells overstock, and is only sold at two websites: and Period.

    People can and do write whatever they want on their scam websites, in the hopes that enough people will believe it that they will be able to sell fakes for $500.

  4. Thanks! Call me naive, but aren't they required (by law) to indicate that their merchandise is fake??? If not, well they sure h_ll should!!! :cursing:
  5. Yuck!!
  6. No, because selling fakes is illegal. These people are criminals.
  7. Oh, and I didn't mean to imply that you are naive. It's just that I knew that any site other than elux or vuitton that is claiming to sell new LV is lying. It just doesn't happen. So all I had to see was "Louis Vuitton" in the sidenav, and I automatically thought: fakes.
  8. I suppose I must rely on Ebay to acquire discontinued bags which I stupidly snoozed on (big dummy) - unfortunately, Ebay has its share of dishonest sellers! :censor: Oh well, c'est la vie....:crybaby:
  9. Uh, I guess I wasn't aware LV sold in bulk or had overstocks in tons of bags. Though I guess I don't really know. :/ Seems odd though.

    edit: Beaten :P Forgot to refresh the page first to see if anybody replied, heh.
  10. You can always post the auction you are interested in to the Authenticate This thread. It's pretty helpful. And, once you have been a member of tPF for awhile, you can ask for access to the Marketplaza, which is great.

  11. No offense taken.... I was just desperate.... I want a Mizi Vienna - darn it!!! LOL

    Thanks Jane...

    This seller told me this bag came from that website. I will quote what she said when I asked about authenticity & where the bag was purchased at: " I purchased this bag at love5season and they guarantee authenticity.
    Thank you for looking!!!!!!!!!!"

    So I searched eBay & then Googled 'love5season' wondering if I was out of the loop & there was an eBay seller by that seller name or if the was another authentic consignment seller such as the wonderful Karen Kooper @ because I already knew that there is not another authentic retailer of new Louis Vuitton.

    But what comes up on my monitor is a website selling almost every designer brand of unauthentic bags & Tiffany jewelry too. This website is disgusting!! How is it that they have no been shut down by the authorities yet?

    I am young but I only buy authentic. There is never a time that you need a bag so much that buying fake is justified. Save your money up & buy something you can be proud of. (Sorry for the mini rant.) I do realize tPF is not the place to rant to people about buying fake bags because most are a member because of their love for authentic luxury items but I was just adding my .02 cents.

    Anyways, I want to know what can be done to help shut these places down?

    P.S. I did report the Dentelle eBay listing to eBay also as I do w/ every listing I discover is fake.
  13. OMG! I bet these guys are affiliated with the now defunct Bergacci/La Perle scammers! They use the same layout, same pictures, same phony awards, and same disclaimers! Compare this site with the fake site, It's the same people operating out of China. They used to be Bergacci and La Perla, but the feds shut them down. I guess Fetucci and Love5Season are their latest scams sites!