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  1. I am loving this new bag on the website!!!! I just wonder if the handles go down for crossbody wear!
  2. Oops

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  3. Oh this is so cute! I like the shape.
  4. Like the hardware.
  5. It's cute!
  6. In the last pic on top it looks like it folds down. Lovely bag and love the front pocket. Hope it's functional, unlike the mini Riley one.
  7. I think you can tell by the hardware that the top handle straps fold down. I like it, too. I want the pink one. Now.
  8. I wonder if they will release it in bright mulberry?
  9. lol
  10. It looks roomy but I didn't know the mini Riley was problematic....
  11. Yes. The front pocket you couldn't really use. The sides were stitched down. Will have to check this bag out. I was leaning towards mini Christie but love pebble over saffiano.
  12. I'll snap it up if it comes in mulberry.... LOL
  13. Called Jax and it will be released in and burnt camel but not mulberry.....boohoo!:cry::rain:
  14. I love this bag! I never even thought to look at Coach bags online. I always just visit the store. Duh.
  15. This is very nice.
    How does it compare to the Madeline?

    Do you know if the pink and camel will be the combination version (two colors on one bag), or separate?