Love youtube reveals / hauls

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  1. Do other folks look at these?
  2. Yup ! I'm doing it right now.. Lol
  3. yes i just found out about these!!
  4. I do too:biggrin:
  5. OP, thx for the reminder re YT.

    YouTube, tPF, LV website..... We are seriously in trouble! When are we gonna stop this obsession? And you know me today, I just bought a wallet! Lol! We are trouble!!
  6. Lol I'm thinking of bag charm ! Ugh !
    We are in real trouble .. It's 1:30 am and I'm
    still up .. Double trouble .. Obsession on Lv
    plus, health ( insomnia ) Real trouble !!! :p

    Good night/ morning my dear .. I'll talk to you again in 6hrs . Lol
  7. Awwwww re insomnia. I'm sorry. I used to battle w that. Sleepy time tea helps me.
  8. Do you guys have favorite people. I really like bags4bubbles. Love her collection and reviews.
  9. Yes, lm addicted, first thing l do every morning is look at LV bag reviews or 'whats in my lv bag' videos. Every single day.......ok......and night..........................
  10. I keep stalking queenkattz's channel to see if she's uploaded another video. I love her vids and collection!!
  11. Yes ! I love watching the reviews, very helpful.
  12. I love watching LV reviews. I'm not really into non-LV hauls--I heard that some of these people are paid by the companies (paid to go on a spree).
  13. I love watching youtube LV reviews. Some of them are really thorough. A few of my faves are bjtaylor02, bags4bubbles, jerushacouture & captmara.
  14. Haha! I do this too!
  15. I really like Captmara's reviews as well, they are very informative and fun to watch.

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