Love your papillon?

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  1. Hey everyone! So I just wanted to know if you use your papillon a lot if you own one. Im debating between that bag in monogram and the speedy. It just seems like everyone has the speedy these days and while people do have the papillon I see it less often. So just wanted to know your thoughts and if its a practical bag!!! xo
  2. OMG ... I love mine and I never thought I would. It's the Papillon 35. I only bought it because it was the darker watercolor and available. After using it a few times, it quickly became one of my favorite purses. It holds quite a bit more than I ever thought and, you're right, you don't see very many. I highly recommend it. Good luck with your decision.
  3. My damier 30 papillon is my every day bag. I love it and it holds so much. I don't like the speedy so I don't own one. The papillon is MY speedy!
  4. The Papillon is an awesome substitute to the Speedy and Alma since it is also one of LV's classic pieces. It looks great in either Mono or Damier.
  5. Honestly, I have 2 papillons (damier and watercolour) and don't use them much. I think it's because they are smaller and stiffer than what I am now used to. I prefer really big bags with lots of slouch. However, if you like the style and don't mind the small-ish size, it's a very classy bag.
  6. I have the epi soufflot which I think is the equivalent of papillon 30. I love it and it is surprisingly roomy!
  7. I meant to say 30 - not 35! Sorry.
  8. I had the 30 in damier but got sick of it fast. I didn't like that it bulged out in front and behind my arm and it got in the way when shopping; I'd bump into everything. I would even tuck it all the way back so that the entire bag would be on my back. So I gave it to my mom but idk if she uses it!
  9. I have a mono pap 26... I love it, but don't use it too often because of the vachetta... it's a nice little handbag, though.
  10. I wish the Papillon had longer straps for more comfortable wearing over my shoulder; that's the only thing that's keeping me from purchasing it -- it's really one of my favorite LVs in terms of how roomy and compact it is at the same time.

    You can't really go wrong with either Speedy or Papillon.
  11. I have the watercolor and I love it. It's my first pap and I'm glad I waited for the one I have. I'd say it's a keeper.
  12. I have the monogram papillon 30, and I love it. I hate having a bag that you see everywhere, so I like that it's not as common as the speedy. I also like the size, because you can't overstuff it like you do with some larger bags.
  13. The papillon was my first LV. I have the larger one in monogram and I really only use it to go out to dinner or something because it is smaller than my other bags. So, depending on how much stuff you typically carry, that might help you decide. If I put my usual things in there, plus my sunglasses, I can't zip it. Maybe that is because sunglasses and their cases are so HUGE now! Anyway, good luck!
  14. I have mono 30. It was my first LV. Frankly, it is ok. It is an awkward size and not really easy to open. I like larger bags.
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    I have a papillon in all three sizes, 19 in Mono, 26 in Mono, and a 30 in Damier. My favorite bag of 2008 and now into 2009 is my Mono 26. I cannot believe how versatile it is for me. The 19 is too small, but I like having it because it's so cute. The 30 is great for traveling, but can get a little unwieldy if you don't put enough stuff in it. I find that if I put too few items in it, they shift from one side to the other which can be a pain.